Maukan teksti
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2012-01-10 03:22:45 (UTC)

Driftmoon Alpha 7 :o

A new Drfitmoon version finally in addition to Katawa Shoujo being released I guess I should have enough to do for a while.

Also I'm not sure but I think that I stopped watching Shakugan no Shana's second season midway so I'm watching it again from the beginning. Also Mirai Nikki is more awesome than I excepted.

Another thing is that I've read the Zero no Tsukaima novels up to some point a year or two ago but now that it seems that more of them have been translated I don't remember where was I so I guess if I feel like it I'll just start reading from some point, rereading all of it might be nice in a way but it'd take like week to do so I think so I think I won't.

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