A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
2012-01-08 23:25:00 (UTC)

No Entries Because I Was On Nights (Sun)

Missed doing my entries for the middle to end of the week (Wednesday-Friday or 14663 to 14665)because I was on nights. Did not do an entry for Saturday. I am glad that my nights are over and going forward if I am still in the department and someone wants my nights, then they can get them! I did have a decent time with Joe, but nights are just not my thing.

The week though was pretty productive with me completing for the most part all of my 5Goals A day. I was able to start my payroll deduction into my 401 this week and the first contribution should be made sometime next week. Made strides with cleaning up my apartment and was able to get my refund from Paypal for the wireless headphones. Also begun doing the "Insanity FT", getting ready to start that program next week or so.

This week I should have alot to look forward to including getting my wireless headphones, and my game console. I will also try and reach out to Moreen and Susan (or Sharon). Time to try and make that sexual move!

KGS (14667)