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2012-01-09 00:18:12 (UTC)

The Converstaion .

okay, so im not actually gunna put the WHOLE conversation cause that would take like, all night . so imma give you the basic jist of it .

So Aidan text me Thursday and basically said:

i was a great boyfriend . you shouldnt have broken up with me . if anyone should have broken up with the other it shouldve been me . the only reason i stayed with you was because i thought you could change and be the person i wanted but you werent . i gave you soo many chances to change . and now after we broke up youre best friends with McKenzie so the proves you were jealous of her .

So i replied:

really dude !? so you only liked me so i could be someone tht wasnt me but who you wanted ? and im not just gunna go up to McKenzie and be like i hate you get away . and im not jealous of anyone . wow .

and he was just like whatever .

so Friday he text me and was trynna apologize and i go:

apparently you didnt love me if you wanted me to change . you didnt want me to be me, you almost wanted me to be like McKenzie . you ALWAYS said i was jealous of her . and it was just sooo hard to stop being her friend . it just hurt soo bad but, you know, i stopped hanging out with Brad for TWO MONTHS ! what you said hurt, you dont realize how bad you hurt my feelings .

and he was like:

ik . i shouldnt have said it . those werent my words . its what people were making me think .

i go who ?

and he said: Max, McKenzie, Dolan, Zach, and Lindsey .

i dont even talk to Zach, Dolan, or Lindsey . so i have no idea why they were crap talking me . i already figured McKenzie did . and Max, well Max is just a dick .

and he was like can you forgive me, can we start over like we never dated and just be friends and fall in love again ?

and i was like NO! I told you that was it, no more begging . and i go so the only reason you want to be my friend is so you can ask me out again ? im just gunna let you know the answer will always be no .

and he was like: ill leave you alone but think about being friends .

first off, he was trying to make me feel bad . and obvioulsy if he let those people tell him tht CRAP then he thought it too . and i dont wanna be his friend cause alls he wants to do is date me again and im not doing it . and like you just think you can come around and say the SHITTIEST thing to me and then we can be friends !?!? thats not how life works . you cant be mean to someone and just expect to be their best friend .

it just doesnt work . well, there was more but thats basically all it was talking about . the convo is REALLY long so i dont wanna bore you to death . imma go .
love yall <3
bye .
em <3

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