Davids Diary
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2012-01-08 15:36:40 (UTC)

Another week alone

Will so far on the date front its Date sites 5 (meaning they got money) and me a big fat 0. I tryed every personal idea I can think of and am batting a big fat 0. I at the conclusion that there is no one out there for a Master who wants to tie up and spank his girl and wants to bring them to at least two orgams before he fucks them. I also know that there are are no true woman left in the world at least not that I can find. I put in my profiles I want to meet 30 to 45 yr old and all Im gettting is below 29 yr old responding. Telling me one thing these woman do not know how to read. I hate to say it but dateing is for the birds. No one out here that lives with in 5 miles of me wants anything to do with me. Of course on the flip side if you live like say on the east coast or even in the next state over then sure you want to talk with me sure you want to chat and on line let me do the things I like to do. Just not in person. When I try to say or even bring up in person they bring up sorry we cant Money, O I have a boyfriend, O sorry your nice but I just want to keep it here on chat. There is no one real anymore and I freamly believe that the only way I will ever meet my match is if she falls into my lap I mean really falls into my lap. Of course that never happens in Real Life EVER. I myself do not believe in X-mas, or fairtails becuase that just destorys what ever fansty life you have made for your self to get by day to day. I think I am a Realest and I have to be real here I will be forever alone with no one to share my bed because there all taken or just teases. Its that simple.
David Lee Shultz.

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