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2012-01-06 20:41:25 (UTC)

Dogs know more than people think

Almost forgot to mention. Since the Ex abandoned the dogs, I was taking care of them. There are three. I had a friend find a nice home for one of the chihuahuas. It went to a good home with kids and they will enjoy and give this dog a lot of attention and love.

I feel a little bad though. When I went to give the dog away, the dog was staring at me. He looked at me and I could swear he knew what was going to happen. Felt eerie. Maybe my psycho let me a little paranoid but I think the dog knew I was giving him away.

Anyway, the Ex is suppose to pick up the kid's and her stuff that is here at the house this Sunday or Monday. I asked her to also pick up the two dogs that are left here too. It was hers and she abandoned them when she left me originally. At first, she said that I picked them up and I laughed at that. How can someone that picked up a dog forget all of a sudden think that someone else got them? Especially when she snuck one of them into CA from Nevada. Dumb bitch! She can't even remember what's reality or fantasy anymore. She lies so much that she can't keep up with the truth or her story of the truth anymore. I guess this is what happens when you grow old? You turn into a senile dumb ass?

I'll try to find a home for the other two dogs. I know anyone else is still better than being with the psycho.

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