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2012-01-06 20:24:24 (UTC)

Moving tomorrow

Well, I'm starting off January determined and ready to rock! I'm moving out of this 4 bedroom home money pit and moving in with my friend for awhile. I am determined to save 10 thousand bucks in 6 months. Kids are not with me and I will make the most of this.

The ex wanted to play house again with kids so I say have at it. Go ahead and try to play house (again) with your man. In the meantime, I will make the most of this situation. I know some people will say how can I just abandon the kids. I guess for a life-sheltered person, it would be hard. However, I have been trained well by my ex's psychopathic ways. Now here I am, the jaded man. To keep the sanity, I figure if the biological Mother of the kids don't care about their well being, then I wash my hands of any of that crap.

December kind of sucked because I bought things for friends that I felt helped me get my promotion and my dental bills in Dec was pretty unexpected. Still, I get to save about a grand this month (I hope anyway

Tomorrow is when I move my things. It's very exciting and symbolic too. I have really moved on to take care of me finally. It was always other people and my feeling of responsibility to give what I had to others. Now, it's me. I've pre-moved a bit so it won't be too much to haul.
My friend has helped me out a little at a time this past few weeks. What I hate is that I don't have an suv or truck to haul things anymore. The ex had it and sold it. I forgot how it was to not have a truck/suv to load anything big. I mean, I love my putt putt. Don't get me wrong. It has all the bells and whistles but it's not built for hauling anything.

This year is going to be very different. I'm going out there and going balls to the wall to reach my goals. To be continued.

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