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2012-01-07 00:50:03 (UTC)

Final Decision xx

the last entry that i did 'Complicated' ... about the dude that i didnt no if i liked just as a friend or more ...well.... i decided to take a chance n be with him .... i hav never been happier he respects me for who I AM n not sumthin i am not n he doesnt try n change me n he is different from other guys he is not the type that only goes out with u just to get in your pants he is the type that respects u n for christmas i hav never bin so spoilt by a boyfriend EVER !!!! but at least i not a brat with it as people i now no say xx

since last yr and earlier on this yr i hav been so happy i hav had no crap off of the girl n boy since i started bein friends with me boyfriend i am lucky to hav got out of it with only scars in my life well they hav had their time of laughs now cuz every1 realized that they were the 1's that were spreading the rumours n i hav had nothin but apologizes since b4 christmas

i wudnt change a thing of my life now n i wud never ever ever never go bck to the life of hell i had last yr and earlier this yr i was used all the time as a joke and a smoke screen ...... never agen .... i hav grown stronger now n will never let people walk all over me like before i hav learnt from my mistakes

Lauren xx