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2012-01-04 15:54:59 (UTC)

bitch .

so at volleyball, McKenzie was like tomorrow im going to the mall with Darcie and Aaron (hes a freshman at the highschool im going to and McKenzies boyfriend, Lennons, friend .) anyways, so she was like 'because imma whore and i have to cheat on Lennon with Aaron .' and Abby was like 'what if Lennon found out you were cheating on him ?' and in my head i was like: McKenzies gunna say shes not but there is truth to what Abby said . and like i said McKenzie said 'but im not cheating on Lennon .' and Abby goes 'oh...i know ..but what if you were .' and McKenzie goes, 'im going to cheat on him because im a whore ! just kidding, thats bad .' i was like, i bet she is and she just didnt wanna say it in front of me .

im like, cause youre cool . you dont wannaa know HOW MUCH i wanna tell Lennon all the shit she does . especially since he doesnt see her . SHE FLIRTS WITH EVERY, emphasis on EVERY, guy she knows . no exaggeration . literally . but then Lennon would ask about it and McKenize would deny it and be like, 'shes the bitch . shes the one who does all that . shes a whore .' because one time she told someone tht Jade and i were bitches, whores, and wanna bes when really shes all of that . and she told Abby she likes my now EX-boyfriend, when we were dating . im like, youre cool .

i really just wanna go up to her and be like: bitch, i know everything you say cause people tell me . dont think you can get away with the shit you say and do . dont ever talk to me again, dont ever look at me again, dont even think about me again .

haha, but im not gunna . well imma go .
love yall . <3
bye .
em <3