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2012-01-04 02:03:12 (UTC)

Moving soon and ex is texting again

I'm outta this house on the 12th. Can't wait to get out of this money pit. Told the ex that the dogs she left behind needs to be picked up. She also needs to get all the crap she stored and the kids things too.

She is asking me if I'm renting a home or an apt. As if it's any of her business. Then she asked if I was moving in with my friends. Again, I didn't reply. She is acting weird again. Somehow, Mr Jaded man doesn't seem to care or have very little of a rise. The ex even asked for the deposit that I'm suppose to get back from this rental. I dunno. She is a fucking psycho.

I've already packed all the kids stuff and her stuff too from whenever she left her crap here. Anyway, I told her that all the things are packed. She indicated that there was a box in the garage fridge that she owns. Again, I had to say that I packed everything. She is so stupid.

Then, she said that she hopes that I'm happy and that I got what I want. She's just crazy. She still didn't see that it's her fooling around on me that broke us up and that it's her stupid fault for spreading her legs with multiple men. Somehow someway, she finds a way to blame me. Whatever. I don't even get phased by it anymore. Seems like a wast of time and effort.

That was then I realized that I've gotten stronger now. Not sure why but I do know that I'm not buying it. I told her to let me know when she will be coming to pick up her stuff and I can be away from the house. She said that I can be there and it won't be a problem. I of course said no way. The less I see her the better.

I'm guessing that the grass on my side is looking greener again in the eyes of my ex psycho cum bucket. This chapter in my life is at it's end. I see the death throes and it's time.

So now, it's a clean slate. Perfect timing since new years just past. We shall see how 2012 will be. I can't wait and I feel the burden lifted from my back and shoulders. The ex and her kids are on their own. Sucks to be them. Now all I need is to get rid of my blue balls. hahaha. Good thing no one knows about this diary. Well, except for one person anyway. Time for bed. Gotta get up on a little over three hours. Not sure why I can't sleep.

Maybe it's because I feel a little bad about the kids. Even the dogs. They are not coming with me when I move. I know it's mean but if the ex can't think of her kids well being, then why should I?
Same with the dogs. It's the Ex's dogs. If she don't care, then I won't.

I'll talk more about it later when I have more time. Maybe I'm bottling something up that I don't realize. Maybe I'm jaded like my friend says. Maybe the wine is just kicking ass tonight. Whatever the reason, I'm not upset. Sounds kinda sad huh? I guess it is what it is.