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2012-01-04 01:58:06 (UTC)

Oh Yeah ! <3 &song lyrics

OMG ! THANK THE FREAKING LORD ! MCKENZIE ISNT GOING TO THE SAME HIGH SCHOOL AS ME ! <3 at volleyball last night i go 'did you fill out you application for ---, it was due before the first of the year .' (not gunna name the school .) She goes 'im not going to ---, thts too expensive .' i go 'oh yeah ik, they want you to have 6 shirts, one for each day of the week and an extra one . (we wear uniforms). and you have to get a student ID which is 500$ . it pays for sports but you get into games free .' she was like 'thats exactly why im not going there . i would but they havent gotten back to us about finicial aid .' and in my head is was all like: YES ! FREAKIN BEST NEWS EVERRRR ! <3

now, i can barely afford this school . but im going ! lol . i get to schedule my classes on February 23 around lunch . im soo excited . i wanna know . but im nervous as frick for high school . soo, any advice from people who are already freshmans . and if youre in my situation, tell me about it ? help me ease my fear .


soo about the whole song lyrics^ thing . i was listening to like toy soliders by eminem and a certain line of lyrics stuck out to me . i think i can relate to them:

im so busy being pissed off i dont stop to think .

&&its true because im always so busy being pissed at the world, i dont take a second to stop and think or just relax and see whats in front of my face .

so that is another part of the new me this year . imma work on it . if anybody wants to help me, feel free... please...really ..im serious . haha .

well, imma go .
love yall <3
bye .
em . <3

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