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2012-01-02 09:20:37 (UTC)

New Years Party was a blast!!!

I know it's been a few days past new years but I was hungover. Anyway, it was so much fun!!! We played ping-pong and poker that night. So much food and so much to drink. I made my teri chicken which is gaining a rep at my group I hang with. I provided the fireworks, won at poker and was unbeatable at ping pong. Met new people that recently joined the group. I have to say that I was the life of the party.

Sorry for bragging. It's just that this is somewhat new to me. Not so long ago, I recall being at home either complaining the ex was giving me crap after she left or if the ex was still with me, I was just miserable. It's nice to be with people that doesn't have an underlying motive. Not lying, cheating, stealing, deceiving, non-communicative, etc, etc, etc. Still not used to this clean slate I'm now living.

I get to start work tomorrow in my new position. Actually, I've been in this position since Dec 15th but I've been on vacation. I'm so happy to be in this new job. I'm really on moving on the other side of my cubicle but the boss and the job is somewhat different. My new boss is actually way better than my last one. Big difference in management skills. How many people can say that they can't wait to go to work tomorrow? Yay!!!!!!

I'm also in the middle of moving. My last day here in this money pit of a house is on Jan 13th. I still recall renting this 4 bedroom house for the ex and her older daughter from a previous marriage. Of course, it was for the two younger kiddos too. I still remember the ex saying she would help with the rent. That of course never happened. Never got to save a dime because of that bullshit.

Starting Jan 13th, I will be saving money for sure. I'm moving in with my old friend and we both will be able to save money. I promised six months min. We both have our game plan for six months. Hopefully, I save 10K by then. In July, that will be 2 yrs since my Ch 7. This should make me be able to purchase a home again if I chose to. Now is actually a good time to own a home because rent is currently more than mortgage again.

I look forward to this year. Still not getting any sex though. lol. That is the only part that currently sucks. It's a good thing that I have too much to do so I guess it's ok for now. Ok, need to continue packing. That's it for now.

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