2012-01-02 06:45:53 (UTC)

Heh, i feel so loved right now . &other randomness <3

im serious ^ thts not sarcasm . so Jade had an fb status tht said: like for a rate . so of course i liked it, haha . and she said: eh, sowwie to say but my scale only goes to 10, and your above that by billions .. <3

and then.. i just got told by someone that they loved my diary . this is the most love ive felt in a while, heh .

soo ...OHEMGEE !!! im soo excited for Pretty Little Liars and Switched at Birth <333

haha, omg so, its like almost 2 in the AM and im not tired . for the past week ive been up til like 3-4:30 and im not sure why ! haha <3

I GET MY JORDAN SLIP ONS TOMORROW <3 or at least i hope, heh . like, im going to the mall and imma try and buy them . i reeeeally hope i get them .

soo, ive been listening to austin mahone sing and talk all night and its just like, omg youre freakin sexxy . and like he said he likes cheerleaders, dancers, and models . i cheer, i dance, and i wanna be a model . he also said he never got ivites to any parties and neither do i .

so jade and i figured out that like every singer was bullied and avoided in school just like us . so one day, we think we might become famous <3

thtd be soo cool ^

well, i bet my hyperness is annoying you so imma go <3
love yall <3
bye .
em . <3