2012-01-02 03:57:32 (UTC)

Working On It ..

Im really working on trying to make this year amazing . I mean, after May, im starting high school . and im NOT going into high school sulking and pissed at the world .

so this year, before summer starts, im gunna work on me . With or without Jade . im gunna be WAY less shy, im gunna change my appearance and just who i am altogether . i need more friends than Jade . literally, my only friend is Jade . maybe, even get a decent boyfriend . then, this summer, i can make new friends . i have my summer planned . plus, i get to move to a bigger room in my house before or during the summer and i have an AMAZING plan for it .

i just want 2012 to be a good year . but getting ready for high school is sressful . ive shadowed at my high school, taken a placement test, filled out my application, and set up an appt. to get my schedule . Now, i just need a tour of my high school and go to freshman orientation and im good .

i know what extra-curriculars and sports im doing . so, heres to the new year <3

btw, imma work on being a more up-beat person .

well, imma go
love yall <3
em . <3