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2012-01-02 02:40:05 (UTC)

My Love

Well I met my love when I was in gym. He was wearing his basketball shorts, and I was wearing mine. We were always on different teams when we played dodgeball ball but we would always go after each other. That all changed when I told him that I liked him. We never talked after that accept once when my "frenimie" told me to ask him out for her. When I did he said no. I was so happy, but I guess she thought I was lieng to her so we never talked after that. Jered was his name I remeber when I would put on his ID and then my life went crashing down. Im not the best person in the world but I do have feelings. I also don't have the best grades but I do care about others. I'm not eating for a week because I wanna be skinny. I can't really trust anyone at my school, my akward friends reminded him that I liked him at the Christmas Dance I was really mad but he said maybe but I was excited but then the next day he didn't even look at me once. I hate my life so much. I wish I was pretty so I would have a boyfriend. right now I wear glassess and i'm blackish,brownish but I like a mexican. Yes you guys think i'm crazy but color really doesn't matter.

No hate comments plzz

Luv You

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