2012-01-01 04:08:14 (UTC)

Mmk .. Ready For the New Year .

So i broke up with Aidan . I just dont like him so why make him think i do ?

Well, im ready for the new year . Jade and I decided: new year, new us . we are gunna change . oh, and so tell me why at volleyball McKenzie comes up to me and goes 'so are you going to Abbys birthday party ?' i said i didnt get an invite and she was like Abby sent a text to everyone . But Jade didnt get a text either . And then, Darcie didnt invite either of us to her New Years Party this year like she has every other year . Im like, itd be different if ONE of us hadnt gotten ONE of your messages but both of us didnt get either . So then, i liked Darcies truth is on facebook and she put:
truth is..... yeah . im like okay, whatever . but then she commented on it and said: we dont really talk uh :/

im like your cool . so i just needa start off this new year fresh . i think being single and being able to make new friends will be a good thing for me and Jade too .

2012 here i come . well, ig imma go cause there is nothin more to really say .
love yall . <3
bye .
em <3