Darc Tangent

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D’Arc Tangent

Sean awoke to the sounds of the CD player still going but otherwise the room was dark and quiet. He showered and dressed and plotted. He read the note again, and when he was ready, he left.
The auditorium was quiet until he reached the lecture hall. She was on the stage, mesmerizing the audience with her theories. There was a spare seat in the back next to an old guy with wild grey hair and Sean sat next to him. The lecture continued for about three quarters of an hour before she made her closing statement and left the stage. He got up and headed out the auditorium door, down the hall to a service entrance and down the back corridors of the theatre to the exit for the stage. Science lectures are not noted for high security so slipping backstage was relatively easy, but still, if he was caught...
Sean moved cat-like down the corridor until he heard the door at the end of the hall open. He froze, melting into a little alcove as he heard a group of people leaving the staging area.
"Wonderful lecture Kim." one gentleman said, shaking her hand and the other two in attendance acknowledged her insight. She smiled and made small talk then excused herself from the group. He could hear the sounds of her stilettos clicking their way toward him. He waited until she was almost upon him when he stepped out of the shadows.
"Great lecture." he said, startling her for a moment before she realized who had just spoke.
"You were there?" she asked?
"For the last hour or so." he said, "Come with me." and he took her hand and lead her down the hallway. He soon found a room that was unlocked and they entered.
"Where are we?" she asked looking around the room.
"Some meeting room." he said as he turned on the lights. The room was as he said, a meeting room. It had a large oval table with comfortable high back chairs around it, a screen on the back wall, and a projector in the ceiling for presentations. She walked around the room, looking at everything and stopped when she hear a subtle CLICK echoing in the otherwise quiet room and her attention was drawn to Sean standing by the door.
Slowly he stalked across the room to take her hands and pull her close to him. He danced her around the room to a music playing solely in his head. The conference table ran almost the length of the room dividing it in half between the window and the door. Their waltz took them around the table and by the window where he stopped. Pulling back he never released her hands and his eyes held hers the whole time. Sean spun her around slowly, his back toward the table and he released her hands to move a couple of chairs away from the table. Sean then took one hand and spun her around, her skirt circling her legs as she stopped; she was between him and the table now. Sean kneeled before her and ran his hands up along her legs. She could feel his strong hands caress her calves, up along her thighs to her buttocks. His fingers caressed her cheeks before sliding upward the edge of her pantyhose. Slowly he slid them down her legs, his fingers tracing a path along her skin until the stockings were pooled at her ankles.
Sean stood, his strong arms taking her at the hips as he lifted her to the table. Once she was seated on the table he kneeled again before her, removing her shoes and finishing taking her hose off to fall softly to the floor. He then lifted her skirt slightly and spread her legs. His fingers explored the lush space between her legs. He could feel the warm flesh, the soft downy trim and the wetness forming under his fingers. Kim moaned softly at his touch and he lifted the skirt now with both hands as he allowed his tongue to finish what his fingers had started. He licked at her wetness as his tongue slid along her clit, down to the font of her desire and into her. His hands pushed her legs open wider and she arched her back pushing herself to him, craving his touch. He pushed hard against her. His mouth wanting, his teeth softly touching her flesh as his tongue flicked across her crack, needing to explore as far as possible into her. Sean stopped for a moment, lifting his head as if listening for something, and that was when she heard it, the door, opening slowly, creaking slightly as the voice said, "Miss Dayton." and Kim saw her stewardess looking down at her, "We will be landing soon. Can you put your seat in the upright position."
It had been eight years. In that time stories were shared, laugher abundant, tears shed, emotions swung from highs to lows…. Lives changed. Eight years of getting to know each other. Getting to know the person, finding out about lives separated by miles and years. Nights of anticipating the others arrival, nights whiling away the precious moments, nights of intimate stories, cold nights, stormy nights, balmy nights, summer nights, all spent without a single touch…without the closeness of eye contact, without hearing a voice. A friendship built on trust and a virtual reality. That is until now….

Would it be the same in person…? Could it be the same in person? Would things change for better or worse? No one was to know, or even hazard a guess. Fate had drawn them together as friends now fate dealt another card…a chance to meet.

As the plane descended, the wheels screeched on the tarmac. Her heart beat fast, the adrenalin rushing. Here she was in a new country miles from her routine life, her day to day realities. She was excited to break the mundane chores called life, thrilled to be selected for a unique opportunity in her career…but more so than that, far out weighing that…there was a trepidation, a wanting, a hope that the person she had known for eight years, the person she had come to love and trust was going to be there to meet her.

Walking off the plane she nervously straightened her skirt, brushed her hair back and took a long deep breath. She entered the airport…she kept her head down, but surveyed the surrounding area thoroughly. He was not there. Not quite knowing how to feel she ducked into the ladies room for a moment to gather her thoughts. She needed a plan. Seconds melted into minutes and it was time to find out. Gathering up her lap top and handbag she walked out, a woman on a mission, determined to collect her luggage, to have a brave face and to join the queue for a taxi.

Down the escalators she went…laden with bits and pieces. As she reached the bottom she looked around, seeing but not taking anything in until…. Her peripheral vision caught site of a man…. Standing slightly apart from the crowd. He was standing proud and fully aware of his environment. She knew the face…. She walked slightly toward him without looking directly at him. Taking another deep breath she was relieved that in fact he was there.

As each step drew her closer to this man, so too did he notice her and walk toward her. There were no words at first, just knowing smiles. Both relieved the other turned up and that they looked exactly as their pictures had portrayed them. There was a quick exchange of polite hellos and discussion of the trip as the luggage began to arrive on the conveyor belt. A blue case traveled past indicating that soon they would be alone to share and talk about anything and everything or, in fact nothing.

Before long the two of them were walking out toward the car. The weather was hot, the sun bright and the sky a perfect blue. No clouds, no wind, just a perfect day. The luggage was loaded into the car and both climbed in. Again the knowing smiles exchanged and the whirlwind romance was close to beginning. She was offered a drink, but out of politeness declined graciously even though her mouth was dry and she was quite parched. Polite conversation continued. Both were amazed at the fact they were together in the flesh for the first time. Over the years, they had talked about what it would be like to actually meet, what they would say and do and how they thought it might feel. Neither of them were quite prepared for what was about to take place, neither imagined that the passion would be so intense, neither had experienced this so quickly and one of them had never experienced such intense physical feelings before.

Shortly after setting out they arrived at the accommodation where she would reside for the next few nights. He accompanied her to the checking in counter and left her to go to her room alone. They arranged to meet again in half an hour. She carried her luggage, the laptop and her small bag the elevator, and pushed the button for the 34th floor. Opening the door was such a relief. She dropped everything as the door closed behind her. Then she looked around scanning her room. “Very nice” she though as she collapsed onto the bed and rolled over stretching looking at the ceiling. Then her mind raced at a million miles an hour. Will he come back in 30 minutes? Did he like her? Was she what he expected? Would he make a polite excuse and not return? Then self-doubt crept in, did she talk too much, was her clothing appropriate, perhaps a different skirt, was her makeup ok, her hair? Should she have had a drink? Yes drink, she got up grabbed a glass, went to the bathroom and filled it full with water She drank as if she had not had a drink in ages and that this would be her last. Water trickled down between her breasts. It was refreshing and she smiled to herself.

Quickly she unpacked and hung her clothes, she freshened her make up and headed back for reception when she realized that 30 minutes had already elapsed. She raced to the reception slowing as she got to the door, not wishing to give the impression that she was rushing. She walked through the glass doors looking ahead. He was not there, looked right, no sign. Glanced left and there he was getting up from having sat out of the way, so as not to be too conspicuous. Relieved smiles as they left for the car. Still no physical contact, but their eyes glanced in ways that communicated a touch.

He asked her where she wanted to go and what she wanted to see. The only thing she wanted was to be with him. She wanted to feel as though she was on top of the world. Gladly he took her to a mountain look out. They talked all the way there, however much of the conversation is a blur to her now but the vision of the mountains, the sky, the surrounding trees, the city will never leave her. They were both so careful, neither quite sure about what to say or do. Both keeping a very respectable distance. There were moments of silence, but never an awkward moment. While taking in the breathtaking views she took in the man beside her. Listened to his words carefully, watched his eyes as he spoke, watched his hand gestures as he animated his stories. She looked admiringly at him amazed at his knowledge of where he had lived. She liked what she saw, she enjoyed his company. Once or twice she felt his eyes wander over her, again self doubt crept in, What if he didn’t like what he saw, what if she was nothing like what he expected? What if this was it? Consciously she shook the thoughts from her mind as they moved to a higher vantage point. She leaned over the rail and absorbed all there was while he sat casually with his legs stretched out facing her. He appeared to enjoy watching her taking in what he had wanted to share for some time. Perhaps he was taking in what he saw as well….she dare not ask….

Time passed by and they descended the mountain, took in a few more sites before having dinner. They went to a lovely restaurant to share a meal. With drinks in hand they found a quiet place to sit where for the first time, other than in the car, they could be alone. He sat opposite her. They laughed and joked as they ate and drank. Neither was very hungry. Excusing himself for a few minutes she was left alone. Her thoughts were how amazed she was at how easy he was to be with, how fast the time was passing, how he was putting her first in every way, opening doors, walking her in places first, ensuring the temperature of the car was to her liking, buying her dinner and drinks, listening to her. Her thoughts took her away when he snuck up behind her and playfully said hello. She giggled, she liked him, liked him a lot, in fact she loved him. When he returned he sat next to her to share some pictures. This was the first time they touched. Their thighs in direct contact. A shiver passed through her body, so close, a first encounter….She wondered if he felt anything, sure that he didn’t she pushed any thoughts from her mind and enjoyed his stories that accompanied the pictures. It was near closing time when they left.

One of her favourite things to do was to have a coffee outside and tonight was perfect. A starry night, warmish, no breeze. She had desperately hoped that he would want to join her in a coffee and enjoy what she loves. He did, he took her to a magic location where they sat and watched people pass by and they talked more and more. She enjoyed the fanciest latte she had ever had. They mirrored each other’s body language without consciously doing so, they relaxed and never once felt awkward. It was great, talking, sharing, genuine interest. Something she had not had for what seemed like a lifetime.

The surrounding tables were packed up, people left and were heading home. It was late and they too had to part company soon as they both had busy days ahead. They walked to the car slowly, drove some more to take in the city lights before returning to the car park of her hotel. She thanked him graciously for a memorable evening. She was about to get out of the car when he leaned over and kissed her softly upon the lips. She was a little surprised, pleasantly surprised. They looked into each others eyes. He asked her if it was ok to kiss her again. She said yes. Leaning in a little closer this time he kissed her again…slowly, lightly…very softly.

They said good night and hoped to see each other the following night however there were no guarantees as her schedule was very full. He waited until she was safely inside the reception area of the hotel before leaving. She floated up to her room. Walked inside, kicked off her heels and leaned against the door clutching her skirt and smiling warmly to herself. She closed her eyes and replayed the kiss over and over again in her mind. It was sweet, but more than that. It was caring and a little daring. She wanted to be kissed again, she wanted to kiss back. She knew, no matter what, she would make an excuse to leave the function early to be with this man tomorrow night. To go a little further.

She had a shower, still feeling the kiss, still playing it over and over. The water on her body stirred a passion inside as droplets were transformed in her mind to his lips…she imagined feeling those lips upon her neck, face and shoulders. She washed herself carefully, feeling the bar of soap caress her pale skin…she liked what she felt. Sensually she dried herself with a soft towel. Hugging the towel she padded softly to her phone and sent a text message wishing him a good night sleep. Naked she slid between the cool crisp sheets…. She turned out the light….her body tingling, she was aroused, very aroused. One kiss, one kiss made her feel alive. This kiss awakened something deep down, a hidden passion, hidden suppressed desires. Passion surged through her like a wave as she settled to sleep.

With dawn came a new day. A thrilling day. Sleepily she stretched in the middle of a large bed her thoughts racing back to the events of the night before. She got up, walked to the kettle put it on and fumbled around looking for coffee and milk. Making her coffee she decided to return to bed to sip it slowly between the sheets. Arranging the pillows so as to be propped up she reached for her phone. Should she send a text message, would that seem too pushy. She must restrain, for all she knew this man may never want to see her again. Perhaps he was just being polite with a good night kiss. Maybe she made too much out of it and that it was just a polite way of saying, nice to meet you, have a great conference. Sipping on her coffee she rationalized everything. She thought she had it right. In her mind she told herself that this was a friend that had said he would pick her up from the airport , show her some sites and make sure she was settled in for the conference. He had done all that and more. Her heart told her otherwise. Her heart told her that this was a man who was genuine, caring, loving and this man stirred something inside her that she had not felt for over 20 years. Typically she chose to listen to her mind, ignore her heart and got promptly out of bed, showered, dressed, did her hair and make up. She collected her conference things and set out for a full day of learning, networking, sharing and meeting many others from around the country.

The days events lead to the first formal obligation. A semi casual dinner. Glad to be distracted from her heart she went along and had a great time. She kept listening to her mind telling her to stay focused, to be wary, not to allow anyone in to set up a situation that would lead to disappointment. The evening ended early. She was walking back to her room when subconsciously she reached for her phone and sent a text message. The message was followed by a phone call. Hearing his voice caused her heart to jump. Her mind told her to relax. He wanted to see her again. Her heart wanted to see him again. They were going to meet in 45 minutes. She quickened her steps as she headed back to her room. Others chatted to her along way, slowing her considerably. Being polite she excused herself and raced up stairs.

What should she wear? Did she have to re do her hair? Glancing at her watch she saw she only had a few minutes left!! Arrrrrrggggg….. her heart was racing and for once her mind didn’t care. She tossed her shirt aside, it was little too formal and threw on a white soft knitted cotton jumper. She ripped off her black stilettos and stockings and put on her white shoes followed by a quick squirt of perfume, “Well that will have to do” she told herself. She grabbed her bag and took off down the stairs.

This time she walked quickly into the foyer of the hotel and they saw each other straight away. Smiling they walked toward each other eagerly. As they left the sliding doors he took her hand, pulled her toward him and kissed her hello. Warm tingles cascaded through her as a wave of relief washed over her. He wanted to see her as much as she wanted to see him.

They hopped in the car and then had to decide where to go and what to do. Nothing made her happier than when he drove her to a quaint little place for another coffee. The night was a warm one with a slight breeze. She didn’t know it then, but it was going to get a whole lot warmer. Decisions decisions, there were many places to go. He suggested that they walk around until they find a place that takes their fancy. As they set off he paused briefly and asked for her permission to hold her hand. With a warm soft smile their hands met and he held her firmly but gently as they walked along. It felt right, so comfortable. They walked the block, neither of them really looking at the coffee shops and they arrived back where they started. Smiling they entered a small café ordered coffees and found a table to sit at. It was in very close proximity to others and a little less personal than the night before, however none of that mattered as the company was wonderful. After finishing coffee and sitting for a long while they decided to move. Neither really wanted to stop chatting so they walked to a park bench along the mall and sat. As they did so he placed his arm around her shoulder.

She stayed semi upright. A part of her really wanted to nestle into his arms, but another part of her, her mind, was saying that she had to be sure and that maybe he was still just feeling a little obligated to ensure her time in the town was memorable and that he was a perfect gentleman. They chatted for a long time, the conversation at times light humour and at other times at a depth to rock your soul. Every now and then his fingers would stroke her shoulder, softly, with a casual but caring precision. Each stroke, deliberate and tantalizing. Perhaps for him this was a natural movement but for her, it was more than that, it was another sign that he cared.

For too long she had sat and shuffled around to get a little more comfortable. He took this as a sign to move and asked her if there was anything she wanted to see. Standing up and stretching she said that she was in his capable hands and that she would leave it to him to decide. Besides the town was foreign to her and she did not know what there was to see. Disoriented she went to turn in the wrong direction; sure the car was in another place. He took her hand and guided her to the car. Just as he got to the passenger door he took a step in front and faced her. There was a pause…a silence and he reached over and placed the sweetest kiss she had ever experienced in her life upon her tender lips. His arms moved from her hands and embraced her as he kissed her some more. As the kiss lingered she gently wrapped her arms around his waist. He moved back slightly hoping that the kissing was ok and that he had not done something that she did not want. Gently and tenderly he rubbed her arms and then placed a kiss upon her forehead. This melted her, for a lifetime she had wanted a man to kiss her face like this. Then her deepest desire became a reality. His hands raised simultaneously and he cupped her face ever so gently pulling her closer as he leant in and kissed her again. His tongue very lightly brushing her lips, his lips parting hers, and the kiss soft and passionate. Still cupping her face his thumbs stroked her softly. He moved back slightly to the side and cuddled her tightly. She did not want this moment to end. In those kisses, the embrace, the touching was more passionate than she had ever imagined was possible for something as beautiful as a kiss.

They were still beside the car. He invited her into the car and had decided that he knew exactly the right place to go from here. As he drove off he held her hand. “This is intimacy” he said, hand holding, walking together. It is all intimacy. He drove her to another mountain, this time to a look out where the whole city was a shimmering array of lights. It was dark now, still warm but not a breath of wind. Getting out of the car, they held hands naturally and walked around the well lit lookout seeking a quiet place to continue where they had left off in the car park at the café. There was an air of anticipation, a wanting, a needing, a hope that this was not a dream. Desire for more and a desire for a repeat of what had occurred.

A fence surrounded the car park…dreamily she leaned over the fence to look at the beautiful city. He stood slightly to the left of her with his body protecting her from behind as he leaned over and into her. His right hand moved from the fence to her waist and gently stroked along it. His fingers brushed up against the side of her breast in one of the strokes and this sent delightful shivers cascading down her spine. She turned away from the city lights to face him and they kissed again…this time she kissed him back more so than before. Each kiss a little longer, a little deeper and so sensitive.

Another car arrived and circled around them. He became ever so protective of her. He watched suspicious of every move and decided it was time they left. Both of them felt robbed of their tender moment. Both felt cheated out of what precious little time they had. This did not seem fair, however it was the right thing to do. They returned to the car and left the magic mountain that will no longer just be remembered for its city views and twinkling lights. They drove around again conscious for the first time that evening of the time and knowing there was precious little left. Midnight would be when they had to return to reality.

A small clearing near a beautiful garden was vacant and seemed to invite them in. Surveying the area and ensuring it was safe he pulled in and turned off the car. They leaned over to kiss…perhaps they needed more space. Suggesting that they leave the confines of the front seat was a very good idea. Opening her car door, she did not quite know what to do, so opted to close it gently and lean on the front side panel to admire the gardens nearby. Looking dreamily across the clearing her man came into view….he stepped into her and kissed her..this time his lips drawing her bottom lips into his mouth, then his tongue playfully flicking over her lips as he kissed her with increasing passion. He held her firmly with passion and kissed more deeply. She leaned in placing her body along the length of his and she kissed back, their tongues met and danced lightly together. She caressed his back as he embraced her like she had never experienced before. This man had a deep sense of knowing what a woman needed and desired. He was going to fulfill her desires and kiss her as a woman should be kissed. He showed her passion, and desire.

Occasionally they moved and cuddled, neither saying anything but their body language spoke volumes. She felt a desire, breathlessness, a need to be filled. This was a poignant moment in her life where for the first time ever she felt more like a woman than ever before.

Again he cupped her face, kissed her more deeply. Then he asked her to kiss him, to kiss him anyway she wanted. She was taken a back by this for a moment and then leaned in. with her tongue she traced his top lip gently, then moved to his bottom lip and parted his lips with hers. Then no one knows who lead the kiss as the embrace became two bodies moving as if about make love, their breathing changed, the kissing longer and deeper. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her fingers caressing his neck from behind. With her arms raised like this he was able to move his hands from her back and waist to her breasts. Gently and with a feather like touch he cupped them. Desire in her built further…

Their kissing more passionate, yet not suffocating. He circled his thumbs over her nipples, which showed through her cotton jumper. She so dearly wanted to remove her top and invite him closer, to feel her flesh, but she knew now was not the time or place. He moved his hips against her and she felt his hardness firmly against her silky skirt. This turned her on even more. The kissing changed again..he move to kiss her ear lobes, the nape of her neck, her face. His hands upon her breasts, his hardness nestled against her slightly parted thighs.

“Look at me’ were his raspy words…she opened her eyes slightly. They looked into each others eyes as he kissed her, embraced her and moved gently against her….” Baby…” these words echoed in her soul….the desire to be closer was almost unbearable. “ You would be wonderful to make love to” Trying desperately to control her breathing, she hugged him tightly…not saying anything but moved her body willingly against his. She wanted to make love, she wanted to experience this man further, she wanted him to feel loved. He moved away slightly and caressed both her forearms with his fingers, his thumbs circling at her elbows…she shivered never realizing what and erogenous zone her arms were. He moved further up her arms. Her body move involuntarily against the touch. What was he doing to her, never before had her body taken over like this and desired more and more. He was putting her desires first, he was treating her like a queen, ensuring she felt needed, desired and that she felt as sexy as woman can.

He took her hand and guided it down to his hardness, he placed it on his jeans. She knew she blushed but hoped he had not noticed. “ This is what you do to me baby..” he said….at that point she removed her hands crossed them over her body and lifted her cotton top up over her head. She dropped it on the bonnet of the car and gazed at her man. He gazed back and gently reached up and stroked the black thin bra strap very sensually. His fingers lightly brushed against the lacy bra and teased her nipples. He stopped himself from going any further. This was not the place he wanted to first make love to her.

She is not sure how long they were there, she did not care. However there came a time when they had to part company. Reluctantly settling back into the car he drove her to her hotel. How easy it would have been to invite him in for the night, how easy it would have been to spend hours more together….but it would have been wrong. The evening so far was perfect for them in every sense of the word. It had to end perfectly as well. For a while they sat in the car park. Motionless, not knowing what to say, where to look, then he took her arm and caressed it again and kissed along it. Her body responded instantly, they kissed and looked into each others eyes, they had to say good night now, as it was becoming increasingly more difficult to resist temptation and to take things further.

Pleasant goodnights were exchanged as she stepped from his car. He waited until she was safely in the foyer before driving off. She took one last glance, before walking briskly back to her room. Entering her room seemed empty. She turned on a lamp and went and had a shower. The water trickled over her body, her body still in tune with any sensation. She shivered under the water and longed to feel this sexy man’s hands caress her with soap, she craved to feel him dry her off with the soft towels, she longed to be kissed and caressed all over her naked body….but more than that, far more than that she longed to be able to give to him. She longed to be able to love this man. For him to experience making sweet love where he was loved, deeply and not just a desirous love.
Just as she was about to turn out the lamp there was a knock on the door. Startled at first she froze….then she heard his voice. She raced to the door in her towel, still a little damp from the shower. She opened the door…there he stood….looking sexier than ever. “May I come in..” he asked..she nodded, breathless. Entering the door he kicked it closed, took her in one arm and kissed her deeply…wantingly…his other arm removed her towel. She was naked. She was breathless.

She took her hands and reached for his clothes. She lifted his shirt up over his body. His flesh went goosy as she caressed his nipples and chest…he undid his jeans and slid them down with his underwear at the same time. Stepping out of them he kicked them to the side. He kicked off his thongs….naked as well he picked her up and carried her off to bedroom.
He brought her to the bed, and lay her body on the soft, cream-coloured sheets. He hair flowed about her body like an aura and he stood back for a moment, admiring a beauty that could only have been inspired by the divine. Her soft blue eyes glowed in the perfectness of her face. He slowly surveyed her body. The soft lines of her neck leading to her collarbones framing the luscious mounds of her breasts with their deep red nipples erect and wanting. The sensuous lines circling her navel, the soft curves leading to the soft, snowy down between her legs. He stopped his scanning for a moment, observing the beauty that he had desired for eight long years, before continuing to examine every soft line along her legs, her calves, her ankles until finally, he kneeled at her feet and kissed her toes.

Her legs were crossed at the ankles and his hands slowly parted them, as he kissed the top of her foot, moving up her calf, his hands caressing the sides of her leg as his mouth softly caressed the top of her leg, his hot breath tingling the small hairs on his way up. He licked small circles atop her kneecap as his hands slid up along her thigh and by now he was atop her, his legs straddling hers as he continued his kissing. Soon he was at her lush delta, the downy soft hair brushed his chin as his tongue lick softly at her wetness. His tongue played for a moment as he positioned himself atop her body then as he moved along her body he allowed his fingers to continue as he licked a circle around the edge of her navel, yet never quite entering it, for he knew it was taboo, as he had known so many other things about her.

Slowly moving up her body, his mouth tasting every possible inch of her body until he could no longer massage her and he straddled her moving his hands to massage her breasts as he finally moved to kiss her hot and full on the mouth. It seemed like an eternity before they stopped kissing, his hardness pressed against her softness, his hands kneading, and needing, her breasts. Soon he moved his kisses from her luscious lips to her earlobe, softly sucking on her flesh then down along her neck. She could feel his heart pounding against her chest until he slid one hand underneath her, motioning her to turn onto her stomach. She rolled over as he repositioned himself over her, his strong legs next to her silky thighs; he parted her hair to expose her back, and began kissing her neck. His hands were at her sides, his fingers sliding softly along her milky white flesh. His breath was hot and his tongue tickled along her spine as he enjoyed the delicate taste of skin. As his hands cupped her hips, his thumbs pressing her buttocks, his wanting lips kissing the beautiful smoothness of her cheeks she shivered slightly at his touch. As the most relaxing calm washed over her at his touch, she was aware that his body was shifting. He spread her legs slightly and placed his legs now between hers. His hands grasped her about the waist, motioning her to rise, and although she was unaware why, she slowly pulled her legs in, lifting herself, her arms pulling in to kneel on the bed, and then a sudden fear struck her.

She hardly considered herself a prude, and was no virgin by a long mile, but her past lovers have never been particularly adventurous. Until this man, until this moment, she had been mired in sexual mediocrity, and this man was blowing open doors she didn’t even have keys for, but how far was he willing to take her, how far was she willing to go. She felt him close in on her. His hardness was pressed against her buttocks, and his hands slid around her waist. His knees opened her legs further and her heart began to pound, but she trusted this man more than she has ever trusted anyone else in her life, and she somehow believed that no matter what he did, she would be safe. As these thoughts swirled in her mind, she could feel him sliding between her legs, far away from where she feared he might be entering, and she was aware of his fingers sliding along her clit, almost as if it was searching for something, then she was fully aware of his intentions as she felt him enter her slick cave and she gasped. The feeling was incredible. She had never felt anyone this deep inside her, but that was not all. His fingers, only moments away from having guided him into her slick, warm slit was now fingering her clit. Her heart beat faster and her body chilled as even the slightest breeze from the room’s AC tickled across her back. He was deep in her, but he hardly moved, for every minor movement caused her breath to come up short. As he slid slowly back her mind burned, and as he pulled back, his fingers caressed her. Two fingers spread her open slightly as he thrust slowly back in, then as he slid back again, still very methodical, very controlled his fingers kept their playfulness about her clit she became suddenly aware of his free hand, which was now massaging one of her breasts, his thumb sliding across her nipple, as they began to rock back and forth. Without even knowing how, or why, she began to move in a rhythm with him. As he thrust in, and massaged her clit, and her nipple, and kissed her back, she moved in unison with him. What started slowly, controlled, was speeding. He thrust deeper, his kissing was hard, and she could feel him trembling inside her and she knew he was ready and she wanted, needed his release and she tensed, waited for an eternity for him to cum in her but he pulled out. At the height of her excitement he had stopped.
She rolled over to find out why. What had she done? Had she displeased him somehow? Was she not what he expected? Not what he wanted? But as she ran these and a thousand other questions through her mind she became aware of something else. His tongue was now licking her wet pussy. Her body had not even relaxed from his thrusts when suddenly he mind blazed in passion. His strong hands had pushed her legs wide and his mouth covered her. Hid tongue licked along the inflamed clit. Sliding along her crack, lapping her desire. She held his head in her hands, keeping him there. Not wanting him to stop. His hands found her breasts again and kneaded her firm, tender flesh as he continued his attentions toward her ecstasy. She moaned. She so wanted to tell him how great he was. How incredible this felt. How she wished this pleasure would last forever, but the only sound she could make was a moan. The most eloquent dialogue to escape her parted lips was "Oh my god." and even that was partially croaked out in a harsh whisper. As soon as her lips parted, and her pleasure became vocal, he slid one hand up along her chest to run a long finger along her lips, and the only thing she could get her mind to do was take that finger in her mouth and suck on it.
The finger moved about the inside of her mouth, playing with her tongue, her teeth caressing the tip of his finger as it slid out to caress her lips before sliding back into her wanting mouth.
Her brain burned with desire so that she hardly realized he had stopped licking her. She opened her eyes and his face filled hers. His mouth covered hers. His tongue replaced his finger for a moment and as they kissed she felt light, as if she was being lifted and she realized she was. In moments she was on her knees before him as he was kneeling before her, then without warning, she fell atop him, pulled atop him, forced to position himself atop him. She was now in control. He relinquished his power to her and she was allowed to lead the lovemaking. Her legs straddled him as she lowered herself on his still erect shaft. She arched her back as he entered deep inside her. He grasped her hands and slid his torso up as she rose, and let it fall as she came down so that their bodies at all times touched. He caressed her legs as she rode him like a stallion. His hands moved inside her thighs, converged on her clit and as she continued to stroke him with her body he too stroked her clit. Her heart was pounding with desire before he slid his hands up along her belly, caressing her abs, seeking out her bountiful breasts. Cupping her in both hands his fingers caressed her as she rocked back and forth on his hardness.
Once more she could feel him inside her, the throbbing, the needing and she stopped her gyrating to allow him to release himself into her. She clenched herself on his shaft and felt his strong hands grasp her waist and she so needed him to cum when he suddenly lifted her body off him, pushing her on her back and once more her legs spread and began to lick her again. Involuntarily she arched her back, lifting herself to his mouth and his hands slid under her buttocks. His finger dug into the flesh of her cheeks as she once more held his face in her hands. She tried to lower her body back to the bed but he held her to his wanting mouth and slid his fingers along her buttocks to her tailbone. Like he was fingering a clarinet he probed the edge of her tailbone, massaging the nerves at the tip and sending chills along her spine.
Again she could feel her desire building. Her wanting him. Her blood boiled and her soul was aflame with the wanting and the needing. He stopped his licking at her. The sensations running up her spine ceased and she could feel him atop her. She was so ready for this moment. Her legs spread as if of their own volition. Knowing what she wanted so much that they no longer needed direct control from her mind, which was charged that she probably had very little cognizant control anyway. His body was heavy on hers and she was so exhausted from the foreplay that she felt she would only be able to lay there and take him without any hesitation, but instead of his solid manhood entering her, all she felt was his strong arms wrapping themselves around her as she uncontrollably slipped into peaceful sleep.
She dreamt of their lovemaking all night. She dreamt of him entering her and of their blessed union and of the incredible tenderness he displayed. It was a fantasy that she played in her mind many nights over the past eight years. It was a dream she desperately needed fulfilled. Her dreams were filled with the feel of his hands on her, in her, touching her in the most intimate of ways and as she was aroused by the sensations, she began to rouse from her slumber happily feeling his hands again playing across her soft down. She turned and smiled. He back. Then she was suddenly aware she was no longer dreaming and that he had actually spent the entire night next to her. Memories of their night mingled with the memories of her dreams but as wakefulness slowly returned to her she began to realize they still had not, technically, had sex. Doubt crept into her mind again. Why had he not cum? Why did he not finish? She had enjoyed it immensely there was no doubt. Their love making lasted over an hour but he never had HIS release. As far as she knew, she was the only one who was pleasured last night and now, after an incredibly blissful sleep, she awoke in his arms. Felt the warmth of his body against hers, and the feel of his fingers yet again enticing her to pleasure. Her body moved to the pleasure she was feeling and soon she was wide awake, enjoying the moment. She wanted him to fully experience the joy she was feeling so turned over to kiss him, to let him know she was ready for him. He kissed her back. It was a soft, tender kiss and it felt real good, the he got out of bed.
She watched him. Puzzled at his actions as he moved to her side of the bed. He took her hand and pulled her off the bed that they never did pull down last night, and lead her to the bathroom. In the harsh fluorescent lighting he ran the water as she stood naked behind him. His body was lean, his legs long and muscled, meeting at what had to be an ass of Mel Gibson standard. In moments the sound of running water was replaced by the spray of the shower. He moved the curtains back as if holding open a door for her. She stepped into the shower. The spray hit her like rain and the sound of the curtains sliding back let her know she was not alone anymore.
She let the water spray on her face, over her body, turning to wet her long blonde hair. Eyes closed she basked in the feeling of the warm shower when she felt his strong hands on her body. They slid across her skin on a thin film of soap as he caressed her body. He washed her hips, her stomach and sides. His hands played across, over, under her breasts, playing over her nipples. He pulled her close to him, his hardness pressed against her as he stroked her back, his hands sliding down the curve of her spine to her tailbone, and her mind flooded once more with that sensation, bolstered by her memory of last night, before his hands stroked her buttocks. She could feel him kiss her belly as he kneeled before her to wash her legs. His hands slid softly along her thighs, played shortly with her clit that caused her to shake somewhat and hold the side of the shower to prevent her slipping. He kissed her kneecaps as he continued to bathe her.
Every time her passion began to ease to a fond memory his touch would inflame her again. It gave her the feeling of having been making love for half a day already and she was unsure how much more she could handle. She so much desired to have him inside her again. After he had finished bathing her she held him in her arms for a moment then took the soap in her hands and began to wash him. His chest was smooth and hairless and wide. His hips were wide and his manhood was firm and erect. She obviously had a physical affect on him so why had he not wanted to finish? Why would he not cum? She finished the shower, and they toweled each other off, and as she dried her hair he ordered breakfast.
She dressed for the day. Conservative, classy, skirt and blouse, but daringly wearing the red bra and panties he had bought her a few years earlier. She wore it because it made her feel close to him, part of him. There was a knock at the door and room service was there with a cart of fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea. He was already dressed and waiting for her.
She slipped into her stilettos as she smiled graciously to the man delivering breakfast. He left the room leaving the lovers alone once again. She busied herself putting the silver trays and dishes on the table, taking great care to ensure that he had maximum view of her cleavage wherever possible. Ensuring there was always a glimpse of the red bra to be seen. “Tea?” He nodded in approval. I’ll be right back she said as she excused herself momentarily to make the tea. As she left the room she took with her a silver tray that had a lid. No more than a minute had passed when she returned with a steaming hot cup of tea. Reaching around behind him she placed it on the table making sure her breasts brushed his shoulder. “ I hope it’s hot enough’ she winked as he put it to his lips. She stood behind him and massaged his shoulders. Leaning close to his neck he felt her hot breath blowing up and down followed by a series of light soft kisses and light licks.

She was still puzzled by the events of the night before. She did not want to leave and return to her normal life without her man having experienced pleasure like she had. This meant that she would have to break all previous bounds…to be more daring.. take things further than she even imagined possible and she was about to begin….

She walked around to take some fruit from the table, in doing so she trailed her fingers around her lovers neck… She took a banana, and peeled it lovingly never taking her eyes from her man….she licked it and sucked on the end before biting the tip off and chewing it slowly…as she swallowed the tiny piece of fruit she licked her lips. Then she took most of the banana in her mouth and sucked on it before dragging it out of her mouth and dragging it along her bottom lip. She continued sucking and chewing the banana until it was finished. When she finished there was a tiny piece on her lip, she took her index finger and pushed the tiny piece of banana into her mouth, followed by her finger which she sucked on before drawing it out.

I have something for you she said as she lifted her skirt and straddled his lap. As she did so she made sure his eyes were firmly fixed on hers. She reached over and handed the silver lidded tray to her man….”open it..” she said with a cheeky smile in her eyes. He removed the lid and there on the tray were her red panties…. She took her hand and placed it between her legs as she straddled him…then removed it and placed her fingers to his lips inviting him to lick her fingers. I want you to have my panties and to be able to taste me all day she said. Then she kissed him deeply…hungrily…. “ I must go now..” she stood up, hoping this time that he saw her, naked under the skirt…..

She took her satchel of things that would be needed for the day and left closing the door quietly behind her. She leaned against the door…her heart pounding a million miles and hour…she could not believe what she had just done…she could not believe she had no panties on!!! She could not believe she had 8 hours of conferencing ahead of her where she had to focus and think of other things. Glancing at her watch she knew she had to run, she had a bus to catch…

She chose to sit at the back of the bus, alone. The vibration of the bus excited her. Everything excited her. She thought back to the night before and shivered. She had never felt like that before, she had not felt so alive and so in tune with her body. She wanted more, was this a bad thing to be selfish, wanting more? She longed to feel his body against hers, she longed to feel his lips against the most intimate parts of her body. She longed to feel him pulsating inside her, deep inside her. At this point in time, she longed to touch herself but dare not….for one thing she was on a bus and for another it was not something she did, she was brought up believing it was a ‘bad thing to do.’ How she even managed to touch herself when straddling him was beyond her. She was doing things freely….not thinking. It was good not to think…

The bus stopped after 30 minutes or so. She had hoped that her body language had not given away her erotic thoughts. Judging by the chatter of the others and their business she was reassured that no one was privy to her desires, her extreme excitement. Stepping off the bus she became vastly aware she had no panties on as the cool breeze swirled up her skirt and in and around her thighs.

Like ants everyone crowded into the lecture theatre for the first of many lectures. She sat with another man, quite elderly and with a stereotypical science look about him. He wore glasses, had wild messy grey hair and an equally wild grey beard. She looked at him and then again. They exchanged polite pleasantries and listened to the lecture. The topic excited the man next to her as he took copious notes and ooood and ahhhed at all the right times. It was a good distraction from her erotic thoughts. She took a few notes but for the most part doodled all over her note pad….wispy swirls and Celtic designs. She smiled inwardly to herself knowing she was sitting next to man wearing no underwear and having the most erotic night of her life. She smiled outwardly with the thought that while she was being repeatedly pleasured last night he was probably at home in a quaint apartment, pouring over a science magazine sipping a brandy with his cat at his feet.

At last it was a break, luckily for her an extended break as one of the guest lecturers was running late. This gave her nearly 45 minutes. She took this opportunity to leave the conference and to do a little shopping. She didn’t have long, but that was ok…she didn’t need long, she knew exactly what she needed and where to get it. After making her purchases she went to a rest room. Took off her red bra, scribbled a note, wrapped the bra and went to a post office. Pleadingly she asked for the tiny package to be couriered to her mans work as soon as possible. Flashing her blue eyes and looking totally innocent the man obliged. She thanked him sincerely and ran back to the conference just making it in time before the doors closed.

Minutes turned to hours as nanotechnology was explored, genetic issues raised and discussed and heated debates took place over ethical issues. When the afternoon break arrived she stole away to sit quietly under a tree and reflect on what she was doing, had done and was about to do. She thought tenderly of her man, he touched her physically and mentally. He made her feel alive…but why, why had he not climaxed? Her mind took over…she tried to rationalize things…what if she could not make him cum? Maybe she was a failure. Maybe she was a bad lover … these thoughts depressed her. She got up and went in for the final lecture. Concentration was easy this time; she did her usual trick of focusing on work to shut out her feelings, her apprehension.

He was sitting at his desk tapping away at his computer when he was interrupted. A small package had arrived. He signed for the package and ripped it open quickly. Glancing at the red fabric he took the package to another room where he could be alone and not disturbed. Delicately wrapped in tissue paper was her red bra. Now he had her bra and her panties. Was she wearing no underwear at all!! He was fleetingly jealous that he was not with her at the conference. There was a note…” imagine being pleasured by a woman who loves you with an intensity matched by no other … imagine your whole body caressed, licked and kissed … imagine your hardness nestled between two hot lips as a moist slippery tongue flicks over the tip … imagine cumming like never before all over your woman’s breasts and watching her rub it into herself as you lay back exhausted … imagine watching your woman touch herself and her arousal increasing … I have an hour we can share between finishing lectures and having to deliver a key note speech tonight. Meet me in my room… 6:00pm… “

He swallowed….this was an invitation he would never forget nor be late for. Clasping the bra he scrunched the note and placed it in his pocket. He was already beginning to be aroused.

At five to six, she paced in her room … a white fluffy robe adorning her body. Music played softly in the background; she opened the door slightly ajar so that he could let himself in. She had a glass of champagne in her hand with a strawberry delicately balanced on the edge and another glass on the bedside table. She lay on the bed covered. He entered… he closed the door and placed a do not disturb sign outside. He sauntered into the bedroom with her bra in one hand and her panties in another. Softly smiling he asked “ Lost something?”
“ Yes” she said …. ” YOU!!” She gave him a ‘come Hither ‘ look. He crawled over to her and lay next to her …they gazed onto each others eyes before kissing softly. Their kissing was loving… not over powering, not choking, just tender, soft and loving. She gently stroked his chest and began to undo each button of his shirt. She rolled him onto his back and opened his shirt all the way… then she slid down the bed and arrived at his belt. Unbuckling this she looked into his eyes…"Relax babe, I’m in control now.” she unzipped his fly and stared in appreciation at his body…he was a handsome, sexy man. She would have her way with him tonight. She slid off the end of the bed and stood looking lovingly at him…”would you like to see what I bought today?” He nodded, unable to clear his throat in time to speak.

She took a step back away from the bed and turned away from him. She undid the tie around her waist and allowed the robe to open. Then she pulled the robe from her shoulders letting it slip half way down her back. Clasping it at her breasts she turned to face him. All that was visible under her hair were two delicate black bra straps. She then let go of the robe and it melted down her torso and pooled at her feet. Standing before him was a woman in the sexiest black half-cup bra. The fabric see through enough for him to see her pink nipples, they were erect and straining to be free from the lace, straining to feel his tongue tease them… His eyes wandered down her body to see a delicate black lace G-string, barley big enough to cover any thing. She had on a matching suspender belt that held up two lovely silk stockings. The lace at the top of the stockings matched her bra. Her pale flesh showing through. She had on very high black stilettos. She ran the backs of her fingers up and down her thighs and around inside her thighs as she slightly parted her legs. Then she crawled onto the bed…crawled over his body and felt his hardness strain against his jeans. Her tongue licked in one long line up his body to his lips. She kissed him…as she rubbed her hips and thighs and nipples against him. “ slide down further” she asked of him. He did so enjoying the feeling of her body against his. She continued to crawl up his body.

Straddling his torso excited her, she was determined though not to give in to her own pleasure but to ensure his. She moved further up, and placed a knee either side of his face, hovering her hot lace covered pussy over his lips. She could feel his hot breath a little more ragged now on her womanhood…. Still determined not to give over to her own pleasure she massaged his head as she provocatively moved her pussy about his face. She crawled up further and turned around. Then like a lioness she slid her hands down along his body as she poised her hips high above his head…. She reached into his jeans and pulled the straining hardness from the confines of denim. She moved closer with her lips to his erection. Then in one smooth move she took him entirely in her mouth and held him there in the hot wet cave. Her tongue ran up and down the shaft not letting him loose from her mouth…. Her saliva slick and hot. She let him slide out of her mouth and she sucked and licked him some more. With each movement her pussy poised over his face. She felt his hands massage her thighs and try to pull her closer to his mouth but she pulled away, ensuring he was not able to touch her with his tongue. If he was to do this she knew she could not fight the desire for him to take control. His hands worked towards her love nest and she felt him slide his fingers under her g-string. This aroused her further…she took him in her mouth again and this began a rhythmic movement of sucking and licking drawing him all the way in, sometimes and teasing the tip at others. Pre-cum flowed freely she licked it all up and took him again completely. She could feel him pulsing in her mouth … she withdrew him and stroked his hardness firmly. Without ceasing her stroking she crawled down his body and nestled between his thighs.

She looked into his eyes as she placed his hardness into her mouth. She liked watching him watch her as she took him deep throat. As she sucked she reached behind her back and undid the clasp of her bra. She let her bra fall forward and pulled her arms free. She took his hardness in her hand…milked some pre cum and rubbed this between her breasts. She took his erection and rubbed it over her nipples and between her breasts. She lay on him and moved her breasts up and down his hardness firmly between her soft mounds. She could feel him moving his hips and his control disappearing as he began to thrust under her. She took his hardness again and stroked and sucked him….” Cum for me baby” were her words as she flicked her hair away. She knew by his breathing and thrusting that he was close…she knelt between his thighs up on her knees… stroking him waiting for his explosion…she did not have to wait long… he jerked rapidly a couple of times before shooting hot cum into the air. His cum landing on her nipples, dripping between her breasts….she was delighted, he groaned in a lusty pleasure. She leaned over him and rubbed her body against his spreading the cum. She straddled his body resting her womanhood on his wet hardness that was still throbbing. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. She was not able to rub it into her self and wanted to feel his hands upon hers. She slid her lace pussy up and down his hardness as she leaned forward to kiss him. She couldn’t help it, she had to be reminded of what it felt like to feel him against her. They kissed for an eternity. She slid to the side and massaged his forehead and stroked his hair until he slipped into a peaceful slumber.

Silently she got off the bed, went to the bathroom and bathed herself before putting on a black cocktail dress and fresh satin underwear then tied her hair into a bun. She applied her makeup skillfully, put on a luscious lip-gloss, sprayed a floral perfume and went to the door. Still he slumbered. She was so happy, so relieved. She was able to give him some pleasure. She left a note of the address of the function she was to attend and signed off by kissing the paper. Leaving the do not disturb sign on the door she slipped away to go deliver her keynote speech. Her body tingling with pleasure as the cool night air whipped at her cheeks.
Sean awoke to a dark and quiet room. The floral fragrance still lingered in the room. He turned on the light at the bedside and called out her name. No answer. That was when he saw the note. He scanned the information, made note of where and when and got out of the bed. Naked he rose and padded across the room to the shower. Her scent was everywhere and he could feel his arousal at the memory of their time together. The shower sprayed him and washed his sweat off his sticky skin. The water pounded softly against his chest, running in rivulets long his pects, down his abs, and along the lengths of his legs. Sinuously he moved his hands through the stream of water, slowly moving between the streams, feeling the drops touching the tips of his fingers, feeling like HER tongue on his fingertips. He squeezed shampoo into his hands and ran it through his long hair. The lather coated him in white foam and the texture of his hair slick with water and suds reminded him again of her touch. His fingers were her fingers caressing his scalp, his hair was her hair, long and soft and his fingers ran through it wantingly. Every tactile sensation he experienced aroused him with memories of her touch. He rinsed the soap from his hair and squeezed a drop of shower gel into his hand and began to lather himself. His touch again brought back memories of the evening, and his erection reminded him further. Sliding his soapy hands along his shaft his massaged himself, bracing himself against the wall with one hand he stroked himself, replaying the entire evening in his mind, which added more to the arousal until his legs went weak and he released himself into the shower. Spent, he rinsed himself off and exited the shower. He shaved, dressed, left for the restaurant.

Sean walked into the restaraunt, opening both of the double doors as he did so. Kim had just finished her speech, and as she began to return to her seat she noticed him. It was hard not to. His entrance made everyone aware of his presence, and his tailor-made Sam Aboudassan suit was immaculate in its European cut. The rich hunter green colour and slick lines were offset by the plain Khaki shirt, then contrasted beautifully with a buttery yellow tie and matching puff. His hands outstretched, as they held open the double doors displayed the silver cufflinks glinting in the light of the restaurant. Her eyes followed his as he entered the restaurant. He gait was quick and sure. He knew where he was going and displayed an almost arrogant assuredness as he approached the table.

"Gentlemen." he said, moving beside Kim, then taking her hand he kissed it, saying, "Ms. Dyson, sorry I could not make the speech, but I have no doubt it was inspiring." and he then took the empty seat next to her.

The dinner was a marvelous sampling of local fare but it was not the food that made the evening, it was the company, it was one man in particular, and she so wanted this dinner to end. The meal started with appetizers, and small talk, and Sean was a charming conversationalist, who was at least able to give an occasional input onto a topic dispite being slightly out of his environment. The main course came, and the conversation died down somewhat as most people concentrated on their dinner. Sean finished his, and excused himself for the moment, and in doing so, he kissed Kim's hand, then almost absently, picked up a napkin from the floor and placed it on her lap.
"I believe you dropped this." he said, and excused himself.
Kim answered another question or two from her hosts, before she looked down at her napkin waiting for Sean to return. Written on the cloth in what looked like gravy, was the letter "L" followed ny the number "2", then an "R" and a "3" Kim seemed fixated on it for a moment when the gentleman next to her asked if everything was alright.
Drawn from her thoughts she had a realization, and said, "Fine, sorry, I was just thinking about something," then, as she tried to control a smile running across her face, she excused herself as well. As she went down the hallway Sean had exited, she noticed it ran left and right, with doors down each side. Proceeding to the left she noticed the second 'door' was actually another intersection so she turned right and continued down until she saw the third door marked "PRIVATE". She tried the knob on the door, and it turned easily, and opened into a small room with a desk, a lamp, and Sean.
"I thought you would never get here." he said as he took her in his arms and kissed her hard and long.
Pulling away from the kiss,