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Phineas & Ferb: Vanessa (7,000 wds.)

Phineas & Ferb: Vanessa’s New Beau
D’Arc Tangent

“Candace!” Vanessa Doofensmirtz called as she walked out of her bedroom into the common room she shared with her roommate, Candace Flynn, even as Candace herself walked into the room. One look from each told the whole story. The dry cleaners once more mixed their outfits and Candace found herself clad head to toe in the black leather suit favoured by her roommate and best friend Vanessa Doofensmirtz, whereas the goth loving Vanessa was now wearing the red top and white skirt so favoured by Candace.

Vanessa pulled the red top over her head, the black lace bra formed around her rounded white breasts and her long black hair flowed down over her back as she tossed the top over to the chair by Candace as Candace herself unbuttoned the top she was wearing.

“How can you stand so many buttons Vanessa?” Candace asked as she slid the leather top off her shoulders, her perky little breasts clad in the form-fitting white push-up bra.

“It adds to the enticement.” Vanessa replied as she slipped the white skirt over her shapely hips and stepped out of the fabric then tossing it over to join the top.

“Enticement for whom?” Candace asked as she slithered out of the leather pants, almost sliding her white g-string off with it. She handed the pants over to her roommate.

“No one.” Vanessa said, hoping she did not reply too quickly, and arouse Candace’s suspicions, “Just, you know, if I am with a guy, I like him to take some time with me, not be all rushing and ripping and everything.

“That’s O.K.” Candace smiled at her friend, “But Jeremy and I are going out tonight, so you will have the apartment to yourself tonight.” And she winked at her friend as she slid herself into the skirt.

Vanessa pulled her pants up over the black lace thong, “I hope he likes what he sees.” She said, almost more to herself than to her friend. As Vanessa finished doing up her buttons on her shirt Candace came over and gave her a hug, “I am sure there is no way you can disappoint any guy.” She said, and then added, “Let’s go, we will be late for class.”

Candace and Vanessa pulled up to the university they attended and got out of Candace’s car, a sporty little present for her eighteenth birthday. As she joined Vanessa on the sidewalk leading to the school Jeremy Johnson, Candace’s boyfriend of two years joined them.

“Hello girls.” He said as he slipped an arm around Candace’s waist and pulled her close to him, kissing her softly on the cheek.

“Hello Jeremy.” The two girls said together.

“So, Candace, we still on for tonight?” Jeremy asked, “I have to work until nine, so I will pick you up after?”

“Of course, Jeremy,” Candace said, “I would not miss tonight for anything.” And she kissed him on the mouth in a hot wet kiss.

“That should keep you thinking of me.” She smiled.

“I don’t need a kiss to think of you Candace, but you can remind me any time you like.” And he kissed her back, then sliding his arm from her waist headed down one of the paths, waving back to them as he left for class, “See you tonight.” He called out.

“So, you and Jeremy, late night, can I expect that you will not be home tonight?” Vanessa nudged Candace in the side. Candace just blushed and smiled.

“I did say you would have the apartment to yourself tonight.” Candace smiled back at her friend and the two laughed as they walked to class.

The morning seemed to drag for Vanessa. She was meeting Candace for lunch, but she had a spare just before, so she spent it in the quad. It was dark, shadowy, with lots of alcoves, and Vanessa felt comfortable there. Comfortable, mainly because of the solitude it held. Vanessa leaned against the wall in one of the alcoves, hidden away from the rest of the area. She kept looking at her watch in anticipation when she heard a voice come to her.

“Miss me?” he said in a very upper British accent.

“Oh baby!” Vanessa cooed as she hugged the boy to her, “We do not have much time, Candace will be here soon to go for lunch.” And with those words she took the boy’s face in her hands and kissed him hard on the mouth. As she kissed him, the young man began to undo the buttons on her shirt, opening the black lace bra to his fingers, and as they kissed, he slid his hands under her bra, his fingers caressing her pale flesh.

“Oh baby, I love it when you touch me like that.” Vanessa gasped. The man lifted her up, and sat her on the ledge. Vanessa wrapped her legs around him holding him in place as he slid the black bra up and off her breasts. The stark pink nipples, hard and erect, were a striking contrast her pale skin, made even whiter against the black leather top she favoured. The man took one of her breasts in his mouth, suckling the tender flesh as his tongue caressed the nipple.

“Fuck, Yes, Baby, God that is so good.” She moaned as her lover continued to suckle her breast while his free hand caressed the other one.

“Oh my god!” she gasped at his touch and as she could feel herself getting wet, her watch alarm went off.

“Shit, Candace will be here any minute baby, you gotta go.”

“Don’t you think it would be easier if you just told her about us?” he said.

“I don’t know how she will handle it.” Vanessa replied, “But good news, I will be alone, ALL NIGHT, tonight, so, do you think…” and she let the thought trail off.

“I will be there baby.” He said as Vanessa pulled her bra back over her breasts and started to do up her shirt. She jumped down from the ledge but her lover was gone.

“Vanessa!” Candace called, “Wow, you actually look like you got some colour, did you have Gym or something?”

“Something.” Vanessa said, “Let’s grab some lunch. Jeremy joining us?”

“No, he has a lab due, we are gonna grab a bite after school before he goes to his job at Mr. Slushy Dog.”

“So, just us then, cool.” And the two girls walked off toward the cafeteria.

“So, Vanessa, how come you don’t have a boyfriend yet?” Candace asked as she ate her salad, “I mean, you are hot, and smart, and I have seen many guys eyeing you, so why haven’t you hooked up?”

“Who says I don’t have a boyfriend?” Vanessa replied looking warily at her best friend.

“C’mon, I would know.” Candace said.

“Maybe we just want to keep our relationship a secret.” Vanessa said.

“Right, like you would not be shouting out to the world that you are in love.”

“Well, maybe love is not the right word. What if I did have a boyfriend, but we are taking it slow, making sure we know where we are going.”

“Vanessa Doofensmirtz, are you telling me that you DO have a boyfriend?”

“All I am saying is that just because I do not go around holding some guys hand at every moment, and making out whenever I can, does not mean that there couldn’t, and I am not saying there is, but just because I am not all over this guy, does not mean I don’t have a relationship, if, that is, I ever did have a boyfriend, which I am not saying I do, mind you.”

“Alright, I don’t think my brothers could figure out what you said, so do you or don’t you?”

“I do NOT, have a boyfriend.” Vanessa said, and she thought about how that sounded, after all, their relationship wasn’t so much a commitment, yet, so no, I guess that would not be a lie, as such, she thought to herself. “Nope, no boyfriend.”

“So, after Jeremy goes to work, wanna kill time with a movie?” Candace asked.

“Cool.” Vanessa said, then looking at the clock in the cafeteria, “Shit, almost time to go, see you later.” And Vanessa darted out of the room.

Flipping open her cell phone she made a call on the run.

“We will be at the movies from about six to eight, then we will head back to the apartment, Candace should be gone by nine fifteen, so are we good to go?” then she paused to listen then said, “Great, see you then baby.” And she hung up the phone and headed for class.

After the movie, Vanessa and Candace went back to their apartment on campus.

“Vanessa, what am I going to wear tonight?” Candace said.

“What do you mean, you wear the same outfit practically every day.” Vanessa replied.

“That’s what I mean. This is my first time staying all night at Jeremy’s, and I think this deserve something special. An outfit I actually put some thought into.”

“I see your point.” Vanessa said, “Let us see what we have to work with, and the two girls went into Candace’s bedroom.

“Take your clothes off.” Vanessa said, and Candace slipped out of her white skirt. She pushed the skirt over her hips, and her hands slid down her thighs as she let the skirt drop to the floor at her ankles. She then pulled her pink sweater up, over her head, letting her long red hair flow back down over her shoulders. She then undid her white lace bra, freeing her perky little breasts. The cool evening air caused her nipples to erect, and Vanessa smiled at her cute little body. Finally, she slid her white panties off, and stood there in the mirror, naked, examining her body.

“O.K., so, what do you suggest?” Candace asked.

“Well you can always show up like that, I am sure Jeremy will not mind at all.” Vanessa lauged.

“Ha..Ha.” Candace mocked, “Now help me pick something out.” And Vanessa started rummaging through her roomies closet. Finally, Vanessa found a pair of white slacks, black short-cropped top that would reveal Canadace’s midsection, and socks and shoes. “How come you never wear these?” Vanessa asked, holding up a set of black lace bra and panties.

“I don’t know, I guess they just looked a little sexy for me.” Candace said.

“Well girlfriend, I think this is exactly what you need for tonight.” And she tossed the undergarments toward Canadace.

Candace slipped the lacy thong over her hips, the thin, sheer triangle barely covered her trim red bush, and the thin fabric at the rear nestled between her cheeks, leaving her ass pretty much exposed.

“I would swear I was still naked.” Candace commented.

“That’s the point.” Vanessa said as Candace slipped into the bra. The lace demi-cup barely covered her erect nipples, and her pale flesh could still be seen through the wide weave of the lace, but it did push her breasts up and together, giving her some remarkable cleavage.

“Wow, I think I should wear this every day.” She commented as she looked at her transformed body in the mirror.

“Alright, enough with the Victoria Secrets modelling slip into your slacks.” Vanaessa said, although, if she had to be honest with herself, she was really getting off on seeing Candace in such a sexy outfit. Candace slipped on the slacks, which hugged her hips like a lover, and one of the first things she noticed was the absence of any panty lines.

“Wow, this is incredible.” She said as she ran her hands over her hips, marvelling at the smoothness of her body, and the beautiful roundness of her buttocks. She changed her position a few times, looking at herself from as many angles as she could, until she was satisfied with her appearance, then she pulled the t-shirt over her head, the bottom no more than an inch or two below her breasts and her white belly showing.

“So?” she asked her friend, “What do you think?”

“One more thing.” Vanessa said as she got up and walked to Candaces desk, rummaging through her drawers she finally found the scissors she was looking for.

“What are you doing with those?” Candace asked, but Vanessa said nothing as she walked toward her roommate, and took the neck of the tee in her hands and cut the edging of the neck, then throwing the scissors on the bed, she pulled slightly at the fresh cut, ripping a two inch line down the center of the shirt. When Candace turned to look in the mirror, the rip exposed her cleavage, and just a hint of the black lace underneath, and Candace had to agree that she looked hot.

“Now you are ready.” She said.

Candace tossed her hair a bit to fill it out, and examined herself once more before conceding that this was a look she could pull off.

“Thank You Vanessa.” She said, and she hugged her friend. As they embraced, the clock chimed nine and Candace pulled back from her friend.

“Shit, gotta run.” She said and she picked up her overnight bag and headed out. Vanessa looked out Candace’s bedroom window and watched her friend speed off to her lovers rendezvous and like clockwork, within minutes of Candace leaving, another car pulled up and Vanessa saw a raggedy mop of green hair get out of the car and head to the door, there was a buzz at the intercom and Vanessa tore through the small apartment to the accept switch and buzzed her lover in.

As she opened the door, Vanessa’s heart was pounding so hard she could feel it in her ears. This was hardly the first time she had ever made love to him, but this was the first time they would spend the whole night together. The act of keeping their relationship a secret meant they could only steal the occasional quickie here and there. Planned encounters between classes, times when they knew Candace would be away, random spots that were few and far between, but what they lacked in quantity of their love making, her beau more than made up for in the quality. From the first time they had sex, he had blown her mind with his care and attentiveness. His skill was incredible, and he touched her in ways she never thought possible, and she experienced sensations she never thought possible, and tonight, all those quickies would culminate in a night long smorgasbord of passion. As the door closed behind him, there was barely the click of the lock when his mouth was on hers, and the two were locked in an embrace.

Candace pulled into the parking lot of Jeremy’s apartment, and buzzed for entrance. Jeremy acknowledged her and buzzed her in. Jeremy was on the top floor of a three story walk-up, and Candace was breathing heavy by the time she made it to the hallway, and Jeremy’s door.

“Candace, I am so glad you could make it.” He said as he guided her into his small, one room apartment, “Can I get you something to drink?” he asked, and Candace nodded, and began to remove her coat as Jeremy walked into the room and saw for the first time the styling outfit Vanessa had put together for her.

“Wow, Candace, you look incredible!” he said as he held out a glass of juice for her.

“Thank you.” Candace said as she took the glass from him and they both sat on the sofa. The two of them sat on the sofa, staring forward, not 100% sure what to do, when they both turned to each other at the same time to kiss, and banged their heads.

“Well, that could have been timed better.” Candace laughed, and Jeremy laughed with her, then lifted her chin with his hand and kissed her softly on the lips. As he pulled slowly away, Candace had her eyes closed and she was smiling, then she giggled and said “Thank You.” In a dreamy, half asleep voice.

“This may sound weird,” Jeremy said, “But do you maybe want to play a video game first, for a little while?”

“Don’t you want to make love to me?” Candace asked, her voice starting to shake a little at the thought that maybe Jeremy did not want to go through with this.

“No, no, I mean, yes, I do, I do want, but, this is, well, I have never…” and his voice trailed off as he tried to find the words to say to her.

“I know what you mean, Jeremy.” Candace said, “This is all new to me as well. I really want to have sex with you, tonight, but I know what you mean, so maybe we need to do something familiar, something that will ease us into what we want to do, so yes. Yes Jeremy, let’s play a video game, have some snacks, just make this a normal date, and we will see what happens, alright?”

“You are the best Candace. I am glad I waited for you.” And Candace turned bright red at Jeremy’s attention.

Vanessa looked into her lover’s eyes, and there was so much activity behind those eyes, so much going on in his brain that she could not help but wonder what he could be thinking, but as soon as he started to pull down the zipper on her leather jacket, she had no doubts about what was on his mind. As the jacket opened to reveal the tight black cotton t-shirt she was wearing, he slid his hands around her waist and pulled her into him again. His mouth covered hers and she could feel his hands on her back, pressing her body against his, and she was fully aware of how much he desired this contact. For what seemed like forever, Vanessa was lost in the hot breath of her lover, then the pressure against her back eased and she felt herself move slowly away from him, and when she opened her eyes again, he was smiling at her, ever the quiet one, his actions spoke louder than any words he could ever say.

Vanessa slipped her open jacket over her shoulders, letting it slide down her arms slowly until she was able to grab it as it slid off her hands. She tossed the leather jacket over to the sofa, then, taking her lover’s hands in hers, she walked slowly backwards, pulling him with her to the sofa. As Vanessa’s back hit the back of the sofa, she stopped, and never taking her eyes off her lover, she smiled.

“When you smile like that, it is never a good thing.” He joked, and his accent drove Vanessa wild and she could not help but giggle girlishly as she slowly sank to her knees.

The quiet of the room was interrupted by the subtle sound of a zipper being pulled down, and Vanessa’s warm hands on his ever expanding appendage caused her lover to shake slightly in anticipation. He knew what was coming, and he was looking forward to it. Vanessa’s mouth was an instrument of passion and she was a maestro with it. His manhood practically sprang from his pants into Vanessa’s wanting mouth, and her lips closed over the appendage, embracing it, as her tongue played across the tip, sending shivers of delight throughout his body. This was not the first time Vanessa had ever pleased him this way. When you had so little time together, getting completely naked was seldom an option, so the two had become quite adept at pleasuring each other in many different ways, so Vanessa knew how to read him, and knew when to stop in order to prolong the pleasure, and she could see that point coming, and so she backed off. Her lover kept his hands on her shoulders for a moment as he regained his strength, then smiled at her and stepped back as Vanessa stood up. Now, it was his turn. Slowly he pulled down the zipper to her leather pants that hugged her form like skin, and almost like a banana peel, he opened the pants up and slid them down her legs. The backs of his fingers brushed against the cheeks of her ass as they passed over her exposed buttocks while they pulled down her pants. Vanessa sat on the back of the sofa as he pulled off her boots followed by her pants. He kissed her legs as he moved from her ankles, up along her calf, to her knee, her thigh, until he was right where he needed to be, and hooking his thumbs into the straps of her thong that cut a black line across her white hips, he pulled her panties off in the same manner as her pants. She did not wait for his touch, did not want to wait for his touch, she knew what he was about to do, and she could not wait for it, Vanessa spread her legs wide to allow him access to her most tender places. His fingers slid easily into the moist crevice rubbing her softly against her tender clit and Vanessa could barely contain her excitement. Opening her legs wider, she invited him to explore her deeper, and reading her as well as did, he followed her unspoken command. He spread open the pink lips nestled between her legs, exposing her to his tongue, and as his mouth closed over her, and his tongue ventured deep inside her, Vanessa let out a soft, sonorous moan as she grabbed his head and held it in place, keeping him to her until he was finished.

“SCORE!” Jeremy shouted, raising his controller in the air in triumph as he just won the race game he was playing with Candace. “Care to go again?” he asked, and Candace smiled at him, seeing the delight in his face made her happy.

“Sure Jeremy.” She said, and sat next to him her hips touching his as he reset the game.

It was two laps into the game when Candace knew there was no way she was going to win this. Video games were Jeremy’s forte, not hers, and she needed to find a way to get an edge. She put her controller down and her car started to slow, but Jeremy was too focused on the game to notice. Suddenly he was aware of sometime covering his head, and he took one hand off his controller to remove the object, and upon looking at his hand, his face blanched and her turned to see Candace racing ahead with her controller in her hand, but it wasn’t that which caught Jeremy’s attention, it was the fact that she was racing topless. Her pert breasts showing slightly above the black lacy bra she was wearing. Jeremy looked at her shirt in his hands, then at her as Candace raised her arms into the air shouting “Yeah Baby!” and Jeremy turned back to the screen to see that Candace had won that race.

“No fair, you distracted me.” Jeremy said, but the smile on his face told her he was not at all upset that he lost.

“Play to your strength, that’s what I always say.” Candace smile, but Jeremy only placed his controller on the table, and taking Candace’s face in his hands kissed her lightly on the lips.

“You win this one.” Jeremy said, as he pulled away from the kiss, then looked down at Candace’s breasts again, and slowly, almost shyly, he slipped one of the straps off her shoulder, letting it hand down her arm. Candace reciprocated with the other strap, then reached behind her and undid the hooks, letting the whole thing slide down her arms, exposing her breasts to him.

Jeremy carefully pulled the lace away from her, and dropped it on the table with the controllers that they were both ignoring now, and cupped her breasts in his hands. Candace sighed at his touch, and leaned back to allow him to explore on his own. Jeremy leaned in to Candace, looking at her eyes until his face was close to her breasts, and watched her for any sign of disapproval, and not seeing any, flicked his tongue across one nipple. Candace giggled at the touch, and took his head in her hands and held him close to her, wanting him to do more. Jeremy took the whole breast in his mouth and sucked softly on it, his tongue making circles around her nipple, and Candace’s squeals, and giggles, and the occasional, softly moaned, “Oh yeah.” bolstered his confidence that he was doing the right thing.

As her beau pulled away, Vanessa was breathing heavy, but there was no way she wanted to stop this pleasure. She turned around and leaned over the back of the sofa, spreading her legs, and her actions gave him permission. He stepped up behind her and slid his erection deep inside her. Vanessa gasped as he slid into her, and she felt his strong arms wrap around her chest, his hands grasping her breasts and holding her body as he thrust into her. With one arm wrapped around her chest, his hand cupping one round breast, he pulled her to a standing position, her back pressed against his chest as he slid his free hand between her legs, feeling for her clit as he used the arm wrapped around her chest to slide her up and down his erection.

“OH FUCK YES!” she screamed as the simultaneous stimulation of his erection and his fingers sent waves of pleasure through Vanessa’s body, and she reached behind her, grabbing her lover’s hair and holding onto him as he thrust himself inside her, her back arching in delight and tears of ecstasy rolled down her cheeks.

“God, yes, do it.” She said, her voice a tremor of delight as she tried to help him by moving her body along his hardness, and together they rocked in place, their midsections thrusting and receding in unison as he continued pleasuring her. “Cum in me, now, fill me.” She cried out as she pushed harder against him, trying to drive him deeper inside her, but as soon as she felt he was ready, he released her, pushing her forward, and off him so that she had to grab the back of the sofa for support, her legs weak, and her breath ragged.

“Why did you stop!” she cried out as she turned to face him, her breasts heaving with pleasure.

“You are not ready.” He said, as he tried to catch his breath as well, “It is too soon.” And saying that, he again closed the distance, and kissed Vanessa, his mouth covering hers, and his arms wrapping around her, pulling her slick, wet body against him, and all she wanted was to let go and drown herself in this kiss.

Jeremy was getting off on his attention to Candace’s breasts, as he suckled on one, his tongue playing across her nipple, he fondled the other breast, softly pinching the erect nipple in his fingers, or kneading the flesh with his fingers, until Candace softly pushed down on the top of his head, causing him to slide away from her breast, and start kissing her belly. He continued moving down until he reached the waist of her pants. Deftly, he unbuttoned the pants and slid down the zipper as Candace arched her back to allow him to slide her pants off, revealing the black, lacy panties. He hooked his fingers into the waistband and slid them down as well, revealing the bright red bush underneath and his heart started to beat frantically, and he was uncomfortably aware of how aroused he was becoming. As he pulled the panties off, he sat on the edge of the sofa, her panties in his hand hyperventilating.

“What’s wrong Jeremy?” Candace asked as she sat next to him putting her arms around his shoulder and holding him close to her body, and as Jeremy looked over to her, and again realized that she was now completely naked and sitting beside him, he started breathing heavy again.

“Oh god, I don’t know, I…” Jeremy tried to vocalize his fears without sounding like a dork, “It is just that, I have never done this, and I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Oh baby,” Candace said, holding him to her and stroking his back, “You won’t. I want this, from you; it will be good, because we love each other.”

“But what if, you know, I, well, and you don’t and then, well you might not be happy with me…” and his voice began to trail off as he tried to say what he wanted, but not actually say what he wanted, so he just kept making a circular logic argument that Candace was having more and more difficulty following.

“Oh, what if you come too soon?” she asked bluntly.

“Well yeah, I hear that girls take longer than guys, and that you are usually disappointed by your first time because of it.”

“Are you ready?” she asked, and Jeremy nodded, knowing that it would not take much for him to release himself.

“No big. Vanessa, my roommate told me something that should help, and pushing the coffee table out of the way, kneeled in front of Jeremy and opened his pants, pulling out his erection.

“Oh, My, I mean, like wow, I never thought it would be so big. It’s like humungous!” Candace said, then, “Oh well, here goes nothing.” And she wrapped her mouth around his manhood and ran her tongue along the slit as she slowly stroked the shaft. Within moment Jeremy came in her, and the hot cum flowed down the back of her throat, and as she pulled away, she said, “O.K. we aren’t doing that again. That was gross.” And Jeremy just sorta slumped back on the sofa. After a moment he sat back up and said, “But what does that accomplish?” he asked.

“Well, according to Vanessa, now that you have cum, you have to build it up again, but, you can still get an erection, so now when we can have sex, by the time you come again, I should be ready.”

“Vanessa seems to know a lot about this for a woman without a boyfriend.” Jeremy said.

“I think she reads a lot, anyway, now, we can have sex.” She said, and started to pull Jeremy’s pants off.

Vanessa’s beau held her body close to his, his erection pressed between them to reduce the stimulation as he kissed her on the mouth, the neck, her shoulders, then pulling back from her he cupped one of her breasts in his hands and drew it to his mouth. He started slowly, sucking on the nipple, taking it between his lips and pulling softly, flicking his tongue across the erect point as he held the breast in both hands. He continued this until he could hear Vanessa’s breathing start to slow, then still holding the breast in one hand, he took as much of it into his mouth as possible, his tongue playing across the nipple, as he slid his free hand down between her legs to again fondle the tender nerve there. Vanessa was wet from before, and it did not take her long to get excited again.

“Oh God, please, just take me now. I want you inside me.” She whispered as he continued to fondle her.

“Come with me, to the bedroom.” He said, and he stopped pleasuring her and took her hand.

“The bedroom?” she quizzed, “After the college foyer, the back of the car, Mr. Squishy Dog’s bathroom, I guess we can try some place kinky.” She giggled and followed his lead.

Candace’s theory had been right. Despite already cuming, it did not take Jeremy long to get hard again as Candace stroked him back to erection. She laid herself along the length of the sofa, her legs spread wanting him to take her now. Jeremy pulled his sweater off, and stood up to slide his pants off. In reality, Candace had no external reference, but in her opinion, Jeremy’s package was huge. For a moment, she was unsure this would even fit inside her, and a look a shock momentarily crossed her face, but Jeremy had not noticed as he lowered himself onto the sofa, and climbed toward her. Candace had to reposition herself slightly as she spread her legs further to allow Jeremy access, and she gasped as he entered her. Each inch he slid up her body pushed him deeper inside her, and each time his manhood moved deeper into her, it sent a sensation of delight throughout her body, and she opened her legs wider until he was finally deep inside her, his chest pressed against hers and their faces inches away from each other, then her eyes closed, and his mouth covered hers, and in the darkness of her desire she saw flashes of light behind her eyes, like fireworks going off in her head.

As Vanessa’s beau lead her to the bedroom, she started to shake with nervous tension. This was really going to happen. She was going to spend the night with her beau. They were going to make love, and in the morning, she would turn over, and he would still be there, like a boyfriend. This was going to change everything, and she would, eventually, have to tell Candace about him. They stopped, about a foot from the bed, and in a swift, fluid motion, he picked Vanessa up in his arms, and carried her the rest of the way to the bed. He laid her softly upon the sheets, he white flesh glowing against her preferred black bed sheets. He leaned forward and kissed her in a deep, passionate kiss, as he slid his hands down between her legs to caress her clit. Vanessa reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closer to her until finally he was forced to climb atop her. Vanessa’s legs parted to allow him access and his thrusts were tender, and deep. Controlled, sensuous, he thrust hard and deep into her, and each thrust released a soft moan from Vanessa’s throat as she arched her back to allow him deeper access.

“OH MY GOD!” Candace called out as Jeremy thrust into her. He started slow. He thrust softly, but deeply, pausing at the apex of each thrust before pulling back and slowly thrusting again, but soon, the pleasure he was experiencing provoked him to thrust faster, harder, deeper. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was concerned he might be hurting Candace, but he could not stop, and Candace’s cries of “More! Faster!” provoked him the follow her commands. His body pounded into her like a sledgehammer, and she raised her buttocks to him each time he thrusted. Her nails dug into his back, and he was aware of the pain, but he could not stop. He could no longer control what was happening to him, and he thrusted harder and faster and Candace screamed out in delight, until, in a simultaneous response, Jeremy released himself fully into his girlfriend as Candace’s last cry came in a gurgled half cry, half moan, and she hugged him close to her, pulling his body down on top of her and holding him there, not letting him slide out as she used her body to massage his manhood still inside her, and she held him there until he slowly softened, and his cock slid out on its own accord, and Candace, now spent, slowly released her grip on him, and the two of them fell asleep in each others arms.

Vanessa knew his body well, and she knew he was ready, and she was ready for him. She thrust herself forward, taking him deeper inside her, and as she braced herself for the wave of pleasure she knew was coming, he pulled out, freeing himself from her.

“Again?” she asked, “Why?” but he just smiled, and slid his arms under one shoulder, and started to turn her over, and Vanessa smiled. He was not one for convention, and the plain old missionary position was not going to be the climax to this story. Vanessa turned over, and pulled her knees under he, lifting her ass into the air. Her beau spread out her knees and came into her from behind. His hands on her hips, he once more entered the slick pussy, thrusting deep inside her. Vanessa did not think it could be possible for him to go deeper, but it sure felt like it as he thrusted hard again and agin into her. He placed one hand on her back to stabilize himself as he reached his free hand around her waist, and found the tender clit. As he thrusted into her from behind, his fingers caressed her clit and Vanessa again thrusted her ass upward, taking him deeper into her, feeling him big, and thick, and filling her with his manhood. Again she could feel him ready. She pressed her ass back against his body, pushing herself onto him but again he pulled away. Vanessa’s mind was afire with the passion of his lovemaking, and she so very much wanted him to just end this burning desire. She turned to face him, but before she could utter a word, he took her hands in his, and pulled her atop his body. He allowed her to slide his hardness again inside her, but now she was in control. She was on top, and she was not going to let this one go. Her body writhed like a snake, massaging him with her body as he fondled her clit with one hand, her breast with the other, and as she writhed on him. Vanessa could barely contain her need for him. She rode him like a rodeo horse, thrusting herself harder and harder on his manhood, pushing him as deep inside her as she could until she felt that sensation again, and she knew he was ready. She pushed her body down hard on his, keeping herself on him until she felt the explosion rip inside her. Waves of heat filled her body as he came inside her and she could not contain the scream in her head as she shouted “Oh My God Yes! Yes! Oh God Yes!” and he body racked with waves of pleasure. Each time she finally thought the tremors were over, another wave of pleasure burst through her, until she finally rolled off him. Laying on her back her heart pounding like a jackhammer, her chests heaving up and down, she started to giggle uncontrollably.

Her beau repositioned himself on the bed to lay next to her, stroking her arm softly, but each touch of his fingers along her skin sent more shivers of delight through her body.

“Oh My God, I never thought it could ever feel that good baby.” She said as she climbed on top his body, and leaning forward, kissed him on the lips. She sat back on his thighs, staring down at him, a smile as wide as her face beamed down at him. “I do not think anything could possibly top that. You, my love, were so worth the wait.”

As she sat on his legs, looking at him, he slid his hands between his legs, and found her pussy, and slid two fingers inside her.

“Let see if we can’t do better.” He said, and Vanessa said, “Oh My God, AGAIN?” and the night progressed with another round of incredible love making.

The morning light shone through Jeremy’s bedroom curtains, and aroused Candace. She was not 100% sure when they moved to his bed, but she remembers what happened afterwards, and the session on the couch was a long forgotten memory, replaced by lovemaking that was no longer timid and shy. Once they got over the shyness, both Jeremy and Candace found a new level of passion that neither of them had expected, and the night was magic. The lamp on the floor, and the framed poster of Jeremy’s band, Jeremy and the Incidentals, that was now crooked on the wall above his bed was testament to the night before. Candace turned over to kiss Jeremy good morning, but the bed was empty, but before she could invent any number of scenarios to explain his disappearance, she herd the shower going. Slinking naked into the living room, she headed for the sound of the water, and behind the opaque plastic shower curtain she could see the outline of her lover. She slid open the curtain, and said, “Wash your back?”

“Well hello sleepyhead.” Jeremy said as he stepped back from the edge of the tub to let Candace in, “Actually, I am almost done, but you look like you could use a little lathering yourself.” And he motioned Candace to turn her back to him. Soon, she felt the warm, wet roughness of the wash cloth on her ankles, and looking down, she could make out Jeremy washing her legs. She could feel him massaging her calves, and her thighs, then, instead of feeling the wash cloth moving to a new part of her body, she felt his hands on her ass, then sliding down the crack, she felt him between her legs. She automatically spread her legs slightly to allow his fingers between them, and then felt his fingers enter her. Soon, his body was pressed to her back, and she felt him enter her from behind. His hands pressed her hands to the wall of the shower, his chest pressed against her back, and his erection slide easily into her pussy as he thrusted hard into her. This was not the timid, gentle lovemaking from the living room, or the more abandoned frolick from the night before, this was pure, primal lust and Candace found herself craving it. No foreplay, no mutual consent, no preparation, just raw, passionate sex, and it thrilled her. She pushed against the wall, forcing Jeremy back just enough for her to free herself from his pulsing manhood, but before he could question why, she turned around, grasping the rail on which the shower curtain hung on one side, and the slight edge running over the bathroom window on the other side, Candace lifted herself up, and wrapped her legs around Jeremy’s waist as she let him guide his cock back inside her, and continue his thrusting. It did not take him long to come, but she held her position, buoyed by Jeremy’s arms holding her hips, as she let the feel of his release flow through her, then the tickle as his cock slowly softened and slid out, following by his cum. Jeremy then finished washing Candace, then they towelled each other off and got dressed.

“I have to be at work in an hour.” Jeremy said, “Do you need me to drop you at home?”

“No, I took my car, but thank you,” Candace replied, then squeezing his ass, she kissed him, and said, “For everything.” And they left the apartment together.

Candace pulled up in front of her apartment, and as she got out of the car, she noticed what she thought to be a familiar vehicle parked at the corner. Shrugging, she walked upstairs and into her apartment.

“Vanessa?” she called, “There is a car at the end of the block that looks just…” but as she said his name, her step-brother, Ferb, came out of Vanessa’s bedroom, wearing only his pants, “Ferb!”

“Hi Candace.” He said, as Vanessa came running out of the room wearing only her bathrobe.

“I can explain.” Vanessa said as she pulled up close to Ferb, and wrapped her arm around his waist.

“No need Vanessa.” Candace said, and she closed the distance between the two of them, and wrapped her arms around them both, “You could not have found a better man.”

“Thank You.” Vanessa and Ferb said together, then Vanessa said, “We have been together for a few months now, but I think that after last night, we are good with coming out and letting you know.”

“About last night.” Candace said, “I am good with you not wanting to share, I mean, it’s my brother, so…”

Understood.” Vanessa said, but you are going to spill about Jeremy, right?”

Candace looked over at her brother, who said, “I am going to get dressed now.” And as he turned to go back to the bedroom, his phone rang. “Ferb.” He said into the phone.

“Ferb, I know what we are going to do today.” Came the shrill, chatty voice of his step-brother, Phineas.”

“Gotta go.” He said, and dressed and was gone in less than five minutes.

As soon as the door closed, Vanessa said, “Spill.” And the two started to chat.”