^love is nice^

2011-12-30 11:22:33 (UTC)

I know him

What to say...i know onn boy from accara.... he is so far... but i still love him and trust him.. I dont know does that is fine but i love him and i will marry him... i promised to him that i try to be good girl and leanr a lot... I think that he love me too...but never know..I talk with him sister Rebecca she is funny girl... One think about i am worried is that...I dont want to my dad and mum know abput him...i can't tell them... i dont know what to say.."I love him,i will marry him and go so far" no i can't say that...maybe my dad he is not bad person but i was in hell still i dont know Emmanuel... HE is every think to me...And if i lose him i will die... I can't without him...He work,play football, he will go after new year to holland to play football there.. i am sad coz that but i know that he must... that is what he want and if he want that i want too.... Sometime i think about that when he comes in Serbia
what to say... i am shy and he is he... i love him and i hope that my shy dont stoped me.. to love him forever.... he is black man and i am whint girl.. he has 22 year and i have just 15... he is older... but that doesnt metter... Long Distance? yea that hurt and that is hard but when u love someone that doesnt matter... u trust him... and to him is hard to trust u and u know that but u hope that he trust u and every think is fine... Okay I will talk to u later when he come i be just girl who love him... I hope that he dont hurt me coz.. i mean he love me and i know that... if he dont love me why he spend all money to chating with me... i understund hime and i know that he is good person... ♥