The Hearty Heart
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2008-12-30 06:39:55 (UTC)

Failed Relationship

I do believe that failed relationships change people.

Recently when I ended my relationship with a man that I thought is the ''one'' I became a totally different person. I can't feel anymore like I used to. That precious feeling is gone he took it away from me. When we broke up, I was so hurt and mad that my heart turned into a rock I can never fall in love so much like I did before. I am tired of being emotionally damaged- I was terribly hurt when I broke up with my love. But that also has changed me.

I learnt that there is no such thing as ''ever after'' thing. And not all relationships last as they are not meant to happen. But we are in control of our choices. Or maybe it is meant to fail to teach us about life because the human heart is very weak. We need to be strong to survive.

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