Just My Luck...
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2011-12-28 22:44:37 (UTC)

I messed up for the 3rd time

We smiled at each other.

The piercing sound of a car horn honking repeatedly rang in our ears. "Who is that?" I shouted over the noise. "It's the girls," he shouted back. His sister hopped out of the car and walked over to us. "Where the hell have you been?!" she shouted at both of us. I avoided eye contact. "I had to wash my hand," he said, holding up his hand, as it was covered with mud. Her jaw fell open. "What have you two been doing?" she asked, lowering her voice. She looked to me. If I would have been able to speak, I would have told her that I made a joke about killing some chickens I saw in a pen on the way to the park. That we both picked up branches covered in mud, and that we had to wash our hands. It must have looked bad, me standing there with my mouth open shaking my head and no words coming out. "Are you a virgin?" She asks me. He turns bright red and looks away. "Uh, yeah," I manage to get out, followed by a small laugh. "What?! They start early these days!" she shouts back at him, who is standing there like an idiot. He walks into the bathroom to wash his hand. "You should have told him to call me," she starts. "I don't care if you guys dont want me to know where you are, you have to tell me! I'm in enough trouble as it is! If he dies, I die!" she shouts at me. I feel a lump forming in my throat. He comes out of the bathroom. "Go ahead, hug her, kiss her, I don't care we have to go," she continued, walking towards her car and getting into the passenger seat. "Bye," he mumbles, walking towards me. Before he realizes what I'm doing, I wrap my arms around him and hug him. He kisses me on the cheek softly. I pull back and lean in to kiss him. He does the same. His toung slides into my mouth, but I'm not giving him the control that easy this time. I do the same thing right back, nipping softly at his bottom lip. I twirl my toung around his, forcing them into a short dance. I could feel his teeth under my toung. It was nice. As quickly as it had started, it stopped as his sister gets back out of the car and shouts,"Get your ass over here, let's go!" He mumbles goodbye and I do the same, walking in opposite directions. I walk back to the library almost in tears over all the things his sister said to me and about me the entire day. I walk into the library and that's where I'm typing it all out now.

Sounds like a good day gone bad, right?

And I swore next time I kissed him that I would make it last. It wouldn't just be a short one, it would be a make out. I spent the entire time remicing over how i messed up for the third time, how all of our kisses were short goodbye kisses that, instead of satisfying my lust and need for him, they intensify it. I can hardly stand it.

Atleast now I remember how he smells.....