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2011-12-27 19:40:15 (UTC)


I was playing some crappy VN yesterday morning but then the electricity went out due to a storm and now it's finally back.
At least the lack of electricity prompted me to go for 10km walk and now my legs ache a bit I would've gone for an another walk today if they hadn't.

Now I feel like doing lots of stuff like trying to program something with python or to try to play through nethack or to start playing Lucent Heart, or to learn something out of various things.

I also got the old desktop running again, only problem was that the only unused speakers I could find were old ones that only seem to be able to make audible sound from one of them but sometimes switching between which one it is. Hmm I think I could also use that kind of fancy radio/cd-player thing that my brother got ages ago, if I can find it.

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