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2011-12-26 11:43:28 (UTC)

Dreams come true

Today I have realized that dreams do come true. I have people say 'Those who dream can only achieve it" and it holds true. I have always been a big dreamer and gave people a chance to laugh at me but today as the life unfolds I am able to see me going to get all those impossible dreams coming true.I took huge risks for my fancies but now it is the time to get it all back and now I will be what I always wanted to be.

Not many people are lucky enough, one may say....every one rich out there is lucky they say. But the truth is that they as similar to any other ordinary person who dreams except one difference

'They not only dream but also have the courage to pay the price for them because for them their dreams are as important as the life itself'

My dreams were also important and that is why I did stupid things in life, so stupid that I don't regret them any more.
I love myself for being silly, dreamy and crazy because now I am going to live a crazy life in which every thing is going to be the way I always wanted including my career , my personal life, my family ...what else do you need?

I have every reason to be happy now...so I rejoice with my dreams on top

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