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2011-12-26 02:56:37 (UTC)

Who I Am ..

ive posted a lot today ..im jsut bored .. but i feel like you guys no NOTHING about me ..so here it goes ..

My name is Emily .. my family and my best friend/sister call me Em . theyre the only ones . I have multiple nicknames: em, mily, emilijah, m&emilijah, money, m&m, and jemily. Theyre all for like individual ppl too except m&m and jemily .

Im 13, entering high school next year . Im into photography, modeling, and choreography . Im funn to hang around, you have to get to know me first . I may come off as shy .

My 3 REAL friends are Jade, Hannah (my cousin, were the same age), and Aidan (my boyfriend). My 'friends' are Sarah Jay (actually shes a real friend, sometimes), alyssa, abby, rebecca, and mckenzie (not rlly i cant stand her).

I really wanna go to high school cause ive gone to a small school for 10 years now and im ready to go to a big school, from 300 in my school to 300 in my class . Ya know what i mean ?

Music is my biggest obssession . I dont know anyone who loves it more or as much as me . Jade is second, but not as much as me . I have 3 bracelets i ALWAYS wear. My blue i <3 boobies and black i <3 boobies bracelet . Then, my white SWAGG bracelet . SWAGG is written with glitter .

I am a Mahomie for life . Also a Belieber . i dont like Selena Gomez or Megan Fox . cant STAND them .. weezy is my life <3 .

I have had my first kiss, i have not had sex and i wont until im married cause i dont wanna be 16 with a kid . And, i want it to be special, with the right person who I KNOW i love . I had my 4 month anniversary with my boyfriend on Christmas Eve <3

Well, thats all for me .. <3
im really interesting, my attitude . i can be funny, sarcastic, funn, awesome, and a real BITCH . but im me . i think youd like me .
well .. imma go .
love yall <3
em <3