2011-12-26 02:46:57 (UTC)

Wow ...I Never Realized How Messed Up This Generation Really Is ...

This is so sad . Our generation, i mean . Like, i just was talking to this girl . Shes in 6th grade and she was like 'im prolly like the most popoular girl in 6th grade . And my 'friend' is a total bitch . shes so fake . she can be mean but shes a FAKE !' im like really ? your in 6th grade, what do you know about 'fakes' except the fact tht you are one . Callin girls bitches ? Ill show you bitch if you wanna see it . Shut the hell up .! like, for real .

Thts so sad . Im part of this generation . Im no different from the rest of them but at least im old enough to know what im talking about . I wanted to slap tht girl so bad . like, your in the effin 6th grade .

Like, i know i say stuff i shouldnt but at least ik the definition of what it means . your just using it to sound cool . What the hell is wrong with people these days ..

Imma go off subject cause im done with tht . So, i cuss.. a lot . but i dont do it tht much on here, im not sure why . but tht^ is prolly the most i have in one post . i have just a few entries with cussing . its only when im really pissed or i just feel like replacing 'crap' with 'shit' or 'girl' with bitch'

haha, well imma go ..
i just thought id share that cause i found it sad ..
love yall <3
em <3