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2011-12-25 23:21:30 (UTC)

Random ...

this diary post is just gunna be a random one with random lyrics and vents .. cause i needa get it all out ..

*even angels have their wicked schemes, and you take the to knew extremes .*

i hate people, so much . like shut the eff up, youre not cool . not matter how cool you think you are, you arent . so stop trying you stupid idiot !

*if karma doesnt hit you, i will ..*

eff you and your effin effs ..!

seriously people, im not your diary . i will listen to Jades problems only . you can not come to me cause you needa vent . im not gunna help you and give you the answers . i got my own problems to deal with, i do it by myself . you dont seem me going to someone else . and you only wanna be my friend when its convienent for you ? NO !

i wish some people would just disappear .. i really just need to let out a scream right now but i cant do tht cause im in my stupid house .

I DIDNT SAY THIS BEFORE ! i almost ran away . my mom started yelling at me for a bunch of stupid sht ..like always , but it was worse this time . she started throwin stuff . so anyways, i hadda go outside anyways and i just almost took off down the street ..

AHH !!

*just gunna stand there and watch me burn*

urgh, why cant life just be simple ?

*on the first page of our story, the future seemed so bright . then this thing turned out so evil .*

well, i think thts all you prolly wanna hear . your prolly sick of me now . imma go .
love yall <3
em <3