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2011-12-25 18:59:04 (UTC)

Christmas ! <3

Hey, so its Christmas and i LOVE everything i got ..

1. Beats by Dre <3
2. A Dell laptop
3. clothes
4. smurfs pj pants
5. Grey Uggs
6. Grey Northface
7. JB perfume
8. eye shadow palette
9. Chain Gain Shades
10. necklaces
11. a two-finger ring
12. a hair dryer
13. hair straightener
14. PINK lotion
15. vanilla perfume and lotion

The only thing i didnt get was my Jordan slip-ons . Im fine with tht, i can go buy those myself .. haha ..

I love Christmas ..this was prolly the best Christmas ever.. especially cause of my beats <3

well, imma go
love yall <3
em <3

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