Davids Diary
2011-12-25 17:17:48 (UTC)

Used again

Will its begging to look like Iv been used again. heres the thing I meet this girl on-line from be naughty.com. We meet a couple of times and talked on-line some. I liked her I was trying to get to know her better. She said she was devoiced. Ok no problem. She said she had kids three of them. Ok no problem. All these things I should of know where warning sings of lies. I really didnt see anything that would say they where lies when we meet but now sighs. Where what happen last night around 1 in the morning this girl comes onto yahoo and wants to show me her web cam that she just got. I say ok and she directs me to some site called Freewebcams something Ok no problem. Man I am so stupid it hurts. I gave them my card info and everything they said I wouldn't be charged but now they have it. I was used I know it and now Im going to pay. Sighs. I trusted and got burned again I am so stupid. Today when we talked on yahoo she denied it all and then went off-line. Sighs there is no girl out there for me and she was nice looking also. I dought she ever talks with me again it as all an act by her Im sure at least 50% sure anyway. Have to call Chase tomorrow to see about closeing my account and opening a new one. Sighs.

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