Starving Fat Colorless Rainbows
2011-12-23 00:36:08 (UTC)

WOW: Me and Him?

Me and him are dating now... And we are each others type...I guess you really can't judge a book by its cover, not even by the intro, you gotta actually read the book first to know the story. And once I got to know his story I found out he's not a player or cheater that wants to get in my skirt, he's actually a really sweet guy thats just a little lost in the crowd. And we have almost EVERYTHING in common. My only problem is that my mom is being a real hardcore b**ch about everything. He's the only person in this world that actually makes me feel happy right now. I even started to hate my body a little less after we started going out. But my mom doesn't understand that. She wont even let me go on dates cause she thinks were gonna have sex! WTF! Im not doing that with him anytime soon! Not until theres a ring on my finger! Anyways we really do like each other but he's starting to actually fall in LOVE with me so I'm trying to be careful not to let his feelings get hurt cause he's the jealous type (which i think is really hot btw ;) so I just make sure to be EXTRA cautious when I'm around him with my guy friends...

Oh and guess wat!!! I weigh 125lbs!!!!!!! I've actually lost 20lbs! :D but I'm still fat though :( My tummy isn't as flat at all! So I changed my goal to 110-115lbs and i got a few more months so I'll be good as long as I resist! And everyone at church is giving me compliments on how much weight I've lost and they always ask me how i did it, but I haven't told NOBODY that I'm starving myself cause they'll instantly judge me and call me anorexic. So I just tell them that I started to eat healthier and other crap like that that doesn't actually work in real life. So yeah >:D power to the people man!!! (sorry i had a hippy moment ;)

Current Weight: 125 (still fat -_-)
My Goal: 110-115
Calorie Intake Today: 100
Calorie Intake Limit: 300 or less
My Mood: In Love <3 and Resistful!

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