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2011-12-22 23:37:06 (UTC)

Really !?!?

soo .. Jade likes this guy Bailey and her mom wont let her see him . So usually we go to the mall so she could see him . I couldnt go cause i was busy and this is how our convo went ..

Jade: dont know what time im going to my grandmas .

but hopefully ill be over there early .

go to the mall around 1;30/2 with G n others ..n ill just give
him his gifts there.... n then we can do something one day where
u n aidan give each other ur presents....

sound good ?

I didnt respond cuz she sent it really early so i text her later and this is how it went ..

Jade: haha
so did u see my text from last night

Me: yeah ..sorry i didnt respond .. i cant im busy

Jade: oh.. ok

Me: yeah ..sorry

Jade: k

Im like really ? your gunna be mad at me for being busy !? not everything can go your way ..and plus .. we were supposed to do our gift exchange together . we call it 'our own Christmas' ..emphasis on the word OUR ! me, you, aidan, and bailey do it TOGETHER . i cant just drop what im doing so Jade can get what she wants .

She hasnt text me all day now . Like, that is the most STUPID thing to get mad at . Sorry im busy, i forgot .. THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND JADE !

Well, who knew i could have drama over BREAK and i havent even seen anyone yet .

Well, whatever .. imma go
love yall
em ♥