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2011-12-22 02:49:53 (UTC)

Hmmmm ....

Soo, suprisingly ..no drama today ! So, my school is incredibly cheap and they dont spend money . Well, they got us Christmas presents....books :p joy ! but, they were like 18$ soo then they tell us the books were donated .. i waas like cheap ass !

Niggas in Paris is my new favorite song ..haha .. soo, we have a substitute teavher for science because our original science teacher is out until we go back to school . Mrs. Jajuga ..she really teaches math but she filled in . Shes hated me ever since she started math .. like Jade and I will be talking and everyone around us will be talking and shell specifically tell us to stop talking ..no one else . and one day we had to stack the chairs before we left and Jade and I were walking out of the room and she like whined and she goes EMILY AND JADE ! and by the time we got there they were already stacked . But the point of me telling you about her was because she is never stepping foot in our school again ! she is gone forever and im sooo happy ! (:

im just happy its Christmas Break . haha ! (:

well, i dont have much to say so
bye !
love yall ! ♥
em ♥

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