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2011-12-21 01:26:51 (UTC)

Night out with Hottie

Just got home from partying with our group. We had a lot of fun tonight. As I thought, all the guys were jealous that I was with hottie. The thing I sort of didn't like is that these guys are older. Late 30s and 40ish acting like high school kids. All the guys were just jealous and just wanted what I had. Now I didn't have anything. I just gave hottie ride tonight. That was it.

We ended up going to a sports bar later. We played pool and darts. I made sure that hottie was teamed with me. We kicked everyone's butts. Everyone was having a blast. On the way home, hottie was tired and fell asleep. When I walked her to her door, I gave her a little surprise for her kiddo. It was a gingerbread house. She said thanks but I stopped and asked her the big question. I asked if she had any feelings for me other than a friend. Well, she made a sorry face and before I even had to hear sorry, I knew she already said it.

It was nice and honest. To my surprise, I'm not really sad. Sure it sucks a little but I'm ok with it. It was only our second date so no harm no foul. Actually, when all the women saw me with her, all the women were all of a sudden showing interest in me. WTF is going on with that? Cutie was there also and she too was giving me extra attention. Cutie was the very one almost a year ago that turned me down. Now she's showing attention?

I laugh and shake my head on how women can sometimes act. So that is the end of hottie I guess. Now I can go back to being just a regular guy again.

I'm thankful that hottie spent some time with me. She opened other woman's eyes that are now giving me attention they never did. So although I didn't get laid tonight (lol, kidding), I did have fun and it was a good night.

Tomorrow, is another day and I do have a date with goodie-too-shoes tomorrow night. :)