2011-12-21 02:50:05 (UTC)

Things I'll Never Understand ..Is it Just Me Or ?

this entry is on things i will never understand (im rlly bored)

1. why people self harm- your life cant be THAT horrible that you have to self harm . its stupid . no offense but ..really !? come one now . think about it .

2. why people are fake- 99% of the time, people can tell your being fake . your this way around one person then around someone else your COMPLETELY different . like, be YOU ! come real, or not at all .

3. why parents dont get teens- you were a teen once . you understand . and by the way, you cant go through life thinking we dont need attention . we need it waaay more than you think . why do you think we get ourselves in trouble ?

4. moshing- one word . stupid . whats the point of it ? its stupid . what do you get out of it !?

5. songs like the llama song- stupid . disgrace to music . who enjoys that ? its not entertaining !

6. the colors red and pink together- no offense to those who like this combonation but THEY ARE ALMOST THE SAME ! ya put 'em next to each other and they blend it with the other color . ugly .

These are just my opinions ..
let me know things you dont understand (:

is it just me or ..

1. is there no in between on the shower handle ? your either takin a dip in antartica or chillin in hell .

2. do you ever feel like your being secretly video taped and everything you do is being put on some reality TV show that everyone but you knows about except you ?

3. do you ever feel like someone is watching you ?

4. do you ever have like DEEP thoughts on life and what-not why your taking a shower ?

5. when you think of a GENIUS idea and you go and tell someone you foreget it ?

6. your hair and makeup always looks good at night when your sitting in your room but when you try to do it in the morning, crap ?

7. do all of your friends get hit on except you ?

8. do you ever feel like someones diary, they put all their promblems on you ?

Just me ? let me know (: