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2011-12-21 02:31:58 (UTC)

Like I Said ...

It happened . Jade barely gave me the time of day . Im pretty sure Alyssa talked to me more than Jade did . I just kinda hung out with Sarah Jay today . Brad got her this cute necklace with the letter S and a heart . So, the chain was crappy and the S fell off so Sarah replaced it with an S from a Juicy Couture S and she replaced the chain and shes hoping he wont notice . haha (:

Soo, TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS BREAK !! im excited cuz then Saturday is Christmas Eve and SUNDAY IS CHRISTMAS !!!!! haha, im soo excited ! ♥

Soo, my hair looks EPICC !! lol .. its like twisted in different sections and then pinned up so itll look crimped and its just awesome ! lol (:

soo, nothing new ..i think McKenzie and I are slowly becoming friends again . And thats cool, i just hope we can stay friends . Cause we actually have a lot in common and thats why we get along so well . but i dont wanna fight, i hate fighting with people . and i can actually listen to music like Cage the Elephant and Greenday with McKenzie .. with Jade shes like 'what the heck are you listening to..' so yeeah .

well imma go . not much more to say .
love yall
byee !
em ♥

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