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2011-12-20 01:48:36 (UTC)

Surprise at dentist today

Today (actually yesterday now since it's 1:49 AM) I went to the dentist. Nothing exciting, just running errands on my vacation day off. However, while I was on the dentist seat getting drilled, my phone was ringing. In between drilling, I was able to check my messages. Low and behold, it was a message from my female friend that I took to the X-mas party. She asked if I wanted to go to the movies this Wed.

I smile. I keep thinking this is a dream and I will awaken from this soon. I myself don't even believe what I'm posting and I'm the one that experienced it. I guess I should label this lady to not confuse anyone that might be ready my diary. This lady is a goody-two-shoes. I guess I should call her goody-two-shoes. She puts all her extra time trying to help teens from getting in trouble and showing them another path in life. I don't know why she wants to hang with me. I danced with the devil for so long that I must be just a tad bit on the bad side. Anyway, she wanted to watch a movie this Wed so I'll go. I still can't believe that I couldn't hook up not too long ago and now I'm getting asked to go. This better not be a dream otherwise I'm gonna wake up in a very bitchy mood. lol

Tuesday night is the night with Hottie. We're going to meet our little group and she will be walking in with me. The rumors will be going around for weeks. There really isn't anything going on but you know how people are. They seem to make things bigger than they are. I don't care. It's going to be pretty funny watching people's jaws drop when they see Hottie and I walk in together.

I love the restaurant too. It's a very nice place and the prices are very reasonable. They have Asian and American food. Happy hour prices are good too.

I know all this chatter is meaningless and silly but I'm happy. If this is the biggest thing I can right in my diary, then so be it. I wrote enough high level drama in the past that I earned to write silly pollyanna stuff.

I'll let you guys know how it turns out tomorrow night with Hottie. She is letting me pick her up at her place. This is sort of a second date so maybe this time, I get a kiss goodnight. (Fingers crossed big time. )

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