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2011-12-19 22:25:32 (UTC)


I really wanna go back to school because im tired of just sitting around . but i also dont wanna go back because Jades been hanging out with Alyssa and Sarah Jay and if i go back she might not talk to me . i just dont wanna be left out . she always says theyre fake and she doesnt like them and then turns around and acts like theyre best friend . like i love ya Jade but what youre doing is FAKE . when she gets around them shes a different person . she acts like shes too cool for everyone and if i go back imma be part of that everyone . its happened before . ik youre prolly like, shes not a true friend but shes all i got . i dont trust anyone else in my school .

&&i understand she needed someone to hang out with but like i said when i go back i might go back looking like a loner tol wednesday . (christmas break .)

anyways, im ready for christmas break . mainly, christmas in general . it came REALLY fast .

soo, someone gave me advice on Aidan and told me to end it now, just before Christmas and everything but im not sure . Anymore advice ? itd be really helpful . thankks !

mann, i hope i get better . first bronchitis not the stomach flu !? what is this !??!

well, enough of me ranting .
imma go, bye
love yall !
em ♥