A Year In The Life Of K.G.S
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2011-12-18 12:37:33 (UTC)

1 Month Review (Sun)

Ok then looking and going over my first month of his new contract I can say that things are not going too bad. On the positive; I have not mastabasted for all this time, began a workout plan, and kept up with my 5Goals A Day Plan. On the negative; I have not stayed focued and disciplined enough, have not kept up with eating or drinking better, have not kept up with my proper sleeping arrangment (not on the couch), have not meditated enough or cut out tv.

Although I am doing much better that I was 30-5 days ago, I still need to wrenched it up a notch. I notice too that I am thinking about sex way to often. Sometimes I will just spend moments coming up with sexual fantasies. I know that it as been over 35 days since I have had sex or mastabated, but I need to just stay focus and not loose track of the bigger picture of self-improvement. When that moment of actual sex comes up I will be sure to take advantage of the situation. So from now on I will do my best to not fantasizes.

The main thing for me is to say focus and discipline and become the best possible person I can become. Eat better, sleep better and take care of myself. What is true is that death will one day conquer me and then everything that I have done will not matter I suppose. But for right now everything matter so I may as well get it done before the conqueror takes away my ability!!

Just Keep Getting Better!!

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