Just My Luck...
2011-12-17 22:48:25 (UTC)

MY FIRST KISS!!! continued since I didnt finish the story before :)

Ok, I never finished the story before so I'm going to finish it now, even though it will be short.

After I broke the kiss, I burried my face in his shoulder and he did the same to me. It almost felt like I was saying with my mind and with my actions, thankyou. thankyou for being my first. I love him.

Ok, thats it :) And the cool part is my parents havnt even found out yet (it would be bad if they did) plus I might meet him at the park today to 'continue' things :D so happy and excited! and he got in a street fight and could have gone to jail, almost went to jail, and now i'm so happy because he doesnt and it's awesome!!! :D so yeah thats pretty much it. :)

oh yeah and I'm willing to talk and gossip with any of you girls out there who jst LOOOVE to talk to random people :P



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