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2011-12-17 02:17:35 (UTC)

what a fool

wow i actually thought Camden loved me but he doesn't care about me he was just settling for me because Natalie was taken, wow i am so stupid........ and sad and im not good enough for anyone. why did i even date him.... i loved him..... i THOUGHT he loved me but i was sooooo wrong dead friend Hannah and i made this song

my heart used to be full with you around but now its empty cause your gone i thought you loved me but i was wrong,i thought you were the one, but yet misunderstood, again just thought you should know i loved you once upon a time,why did you say you loved me when it was just a lie, all those cheesy love songs that say a prince will pick you up one day,its such a big fat lie, love is nothing but a fantasy dream that will never come true, why do i even bother with love if it doesn't even exist. your not who i fell in love with all those days!

By Hannah and Sarah