2011-12-15 22:06:11 (UTC)

Gosh ..

So i think in January imma break up with Aidan . Imma tell you why and why in January .

Why ? Well, he waas talking to me and he goes: i gave up my BEST FRIEND for you and i sacrifice everything for you and you throw it all away . And hes always sad or upset or mad and i cant deal with that EVERYDAY ! and honestly..i think he likes McKenzie . Cuz he was callin her a bitch and sayin how much he hates her then says something like that ! Whatever ..and he thinks he knows stuff and put words in my mouth . He'll be like well so and so is your friend and ill say no and hell go yes they are . NO THEY ARENT ! and ill be like can you stop singing or something like that and hell be like 'you told me to shutup and said i was annoying .' no i didnt ? 'well, it was implied .' no it wasnt !!!

Why in January and not now ? Well, Christmas is coming up and i dont wanna ruin his Christmas and i already got him a gift and hes real excited to get mine soo.. and i think i just need to start the new year FRESH . chill with different people, find a different guy who really understands .

Do you think im right ? I mean, honestly, i just wann be like ..listen, cleary you like McKenzie and someone said she liked you too . I just dont think me and you can work out . Im sorry, but it has to end .

I dont wanna hurt him but i mean if i dont feel the connection im supposed to, why put myself through that ? I think i can live til January, though .

Well, today Sarah Jay wrote me a note and was like im back with Brad . And i wasl ike really who all knows ? She said Abby and Alyssa, but dont tell . I said okay i wont . Soo, i meant to put it in my binder and it fell out and McKenzie picked it up and read it and Abby told her Sarah and Brad were dating and she didnt want anyone to know . But McKenzie told everyone and Abby lied to Sarah and said she didnt . Then, Abby came clean . And there convo went like this:

Abby: Well, maybe if you woulda put your note away .
Sarah: Emily ...
And McKenzie and Sarah both turned and gave me a dirty look . Im like REALLY !? your gunna blame it on ME ! you shoulda text me, not written me a note if you really didnt want people to know . Dont go blamin it on me, blame it on Mckenzie and Abby cuz Abby blabbed and McKenzie thought it would be funn to tell everyone else .

Well whatever, thats all for now . Gotta go get ready for cheer ♥
love yall
emily ♥

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