Allysha Danielle

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2011-12-14 18:32:46 (UTC)

My day 12/14/11

Alright, I open my eyes and look around. I'm in the living room...shit my neck and back hurt. What happened last night?? OMG I'm pregnant...I'm really and truly going to actually start a family with the man of my dreams. Ahh Daniel. My childhood love whom I was forced away from. I loved him so much then and it has been amplified now. I think about all the times now when I wasn't with him, when I was with Kevin and Robert, imagining him busting into my front door and sweeping me off my feet and pronouncing his love for me. Little did I know at that time is that he did still love me :) Fairy tales...I love being in mine. What time is it?? Oh 8 a.m....4 hours of sleep isn't that bad when you have insomnia. Well, better get up and check my e-mail and facebook, and start calling doctors. I think I'm going to go with Dr. Kinder. I used Dr. Popwell with Peanut's pregnancy but he was a douche. Okay, Medicaid office. called. Pregnancy crisis center for confirmation of test. Called and Appt scheduled. Take shower. I don't feel like, just wash hair in the sink. Go to appointment. Please car have the gas to make it!! Tested confirmed. Positive. Go around the corner to Medicaid office and get my broke ass on LaMoms. Check. Go home and act like I'm going to take a nap when we all know this isn't going to happen. Surf the web throughout the day and play with Peanut the rest. Eat. Watch Peanut nap. Watch Daniel nap. Oh thank goodness, I think I'm gonna doze.....wake up and supper is ready..YAYYY! Deer burgers, one of my favorites, with loaded taters and gravy..mmmm...little baby in my tummy I hope you're hungry because you are starving me. Eat supper, play on the web til 3 am and go to sleep.

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