Allysha Danielle

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2011-12-13 18:32:37 (UTC)

My day 12/13/11

I have a normal 27-day cycle and I should've started an hour ago. So, it's 10:30 p.m. and I just took a home pregnancy test....Positive...or pregnant, whatever the thing had two pink lines okay. I don't know how to react about this just yet, but I am happy. I want another baby. I just worry that Peanut maybe too young for this. Another major concern is the fact that I'm unemployed. Not only am I, but so is Daniel. What are we going to do?? We can't handle this right now. We want this but we can't handle it. Oh, I hope it's a girl. I know that this will be better, but telling myself this doesn't help my emotional distress. We living with my cousin, we have no money, the gas light is on in my car, I'm hungry, and I'm sorry but I want a freaking cigarette!! Alright, I've gotta get to bed and make the best of this. Let's shop online for bedding and shared nursery ideas. Matching lady bugs for Peanut's frogs and turtles. cute. Two new crib sets. Idea. Damask. Love. Damask with pink (for a girl of course) or blue (for a boy) and green (for Peanut) Ok I think I'm onto something :) Ugh, I look at the clock and it's 2 a.m. OMG I have got to get some sleep...but there's a twist (of course) I can't sleep. To the couch we go, to watch the cupcake wars (Christmas Edition) and Holmes on Holmes. I love pastries. And interior design. Why in the hell did I go to school for Medical Assisting. *Yawn* It's like 4:30 or so in the morning, and off to sleep I drift...