Allysha Danielle

2011-12-15 17:16:18 (UTC)

Dear Baby

Welcome to what is kind of a journal of my pregnancy. So, today is December 15th, 2011. I found out two days ago that I am pregnant with you and according to everything, you're birthday should be August 24th, 2012, which makes me about 4 weeks along. First off, I want say that we (Mommy, Daddy, and Bubba) are very excited that you are coming. We don't know your gender yet, but Mommy already has your name picked out. Mommy's belly is 46 inches around. I am 21 years old, Daddy is 24, and Bubba is 15 months old. Well, there's the introduction and I'm going to try to keep a daily or as least weekly log of how things are going. So far, nothing has happened majorly as far as you go, I have too much heartburn, a little bit of nausea, fatigue during the day, insomnia at night, and way too low of a patience level. Mommy cries a lot but it's not because she's sad, but because she is so moody it's unreal. Anywho that's the majority of it for today...Love you Baby!!

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