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2011-12-15 01:01:06 (UTC)

Things to Remember ..

be real, it gets you far; if you cant find something to make you happy, go to music, youll eventually find the song tht you relate to; have fun, dont live a boring life; everyone will stab you in the back one day, but youll do the same to someone else; dont lie to your parents, they always find out; live for you, not anyone else; dont change cuz someone wants you to; BE YOU, i cant stress that enough; it doesnt make you a nerd to get good grades, it means you wanna get somewhere in life; if someone says something mean, laugh it off; haters are your motivaters; find a quote to live by and live by it; laugh everyday; your gunna have bad times, but everyone needs a few of those; dont put yourself in harm, it only makes things worse; even though it doesnt seem like it, you will find your true friends and love; be thankful for what you do got, it could be a lot worse; laugh til you cry; act stupid in public, who cares what the boring, normal people think; speak your mind, let the people know; and NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give up ♥