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2011-12-15 00:37:59 (UTC)

randomness; 20 things about me !

soo, by joining volleyball, i filled up my schedule . Tomorrow i have cheer, Friday i have choir, Monday i have volleyball . im not sure about the rest of my schedule but im just happy Christmas break is next wednesday ! But well prob have volleyball practice sometime during it :p

Our practice is late . its from 8-9:30 :/ imma need all the sleep i can get . and i loooove me some sleep ! (: haha .

Soo imma do 20 things about me :

1. I really wanna learn how to surf, but i live NO WHERE near an ocean .

2. I have 3 REAL friends .

3. If your gunna be fake to me, dont even try to be my friend . Come real or not at all .

4. Music=my whole life . Ive literally been listening to it since the day i was born . No exaggeration .

5. if i could choose to be popular, i wouldnt because those are fake friends . Ill stick to my real ones please .

6. Weezy and Eminem are my favorite rappers .

7. Im always up for making new friends .

8. If i could change three things in my life it would be my looks; my personality; and my athletic-ness . (ik thts not a word)

9. Dont EVER think you can lie to me . I find out EVERYTHING . Literally ..no exaggeration . i know about 20 things im not supposed to .

10. I question everything .

11. I dont understand why people talk behind my back . Like, you sit there and say how you HATE gossipers but then you do it . SAY IT TO MY FACE !

12. i could live without texting . i dont need it .

13. I have a little brother . im usually taking care of him; people give me dirty looks or they will be super nice to me and try to help me out cuz they think hes mine . Its really annoying . You dont know me, dont assume .

14. i cry everynight .

15. my parents hate me . they never talk to me without yelling at me cuz i usually do something, no everything wrong in their eyes .

16. My dad moved for 7 years and moved back 3 years ago and thinks he can barge in and just know everything about me and control me . No, ya cant .

17. I let people know . if your doing something i dont like or thts annoying, imma tell ya .

18. i lived in my grandparents house for the first 8 years of my life .

19. we arent rich, in fact one day, my school just might rob us . thts how expensive it is .

20. im ready to move out . i cant stay where i am anymore, but im just too young .

Thts to show you who i am and what i believe . I will say i am a teenager, no grades or locations or anything or exact age . but yeah .. there you go !

love you
emily ♥

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