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2011-12-14 00:43:53 (UTC)

Finally some good Karma

I celebrated my birthday and promotion today. It was awesome. One of the best birthday party I've had in a long ass time. Got to hang out with friends and had a good old time.

Un effing believable!!!! I actually had some hot babe ask me out!!! WTF?? It doesn't matter what happens. Just the fact that some hot woman asks me out is fantabulous!!!! We are going for Sushi and the comedy club this Friday. She gave me her number and I get to pick her up at her place. My friends are jealous and can't believe it. I mean, she is hot. Probably the cutest woman in our little social group. Why she asked me out I don't know but I'm not going to question my good fortune.

I'm happy today. It's been so long since I've felt this way. Just feeling this way is so incredible. I haven't felt this way in such a long time. I know.... She most likely isn't going to be the woman of my dreams but at least I'm out there trying. Who knows? Just maybe something may happen. It still is a better option than going back with the ex.

So tonight, I sleep well. I'm happy and I feel like I'm worth something. All the guys at the bar was so dang jealous. I'm sure they are texting or emailing that woman right now trying to take her out. But nope, she asked me out this Friday.

Let me enjoy this shallow moment and let me rebuild myself just a bit. I think I earned it.


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