2011-12-14 02:00:26 (UTC)

Volleyball, Christmas, &&other randomness

Soo, for volleyball I made the B-team . Mckenzie is on my team :p ..oh well .. the only others i can think (cuz im not sure) Darcie, Maggie, Abby, Rebecca, and Shelby .. cuz there are 7 of us from my class.

Sarah Jay made the A-team and the others i know are Mia, Sarah Fox, Ashley, Haylee, Alyssa and Maddie . Im fine with the B-team . I think they have more fun cuz they A-team is all win, win, win and the B-team is just like oh well, im havin fun right ?

Soo, Aidan and i are working pretty well . And McKenzie and i arent friends but we can carry on a conversation . But today at lunch she sat with Aidan and Jade and I walked over and she got up and left ! I was like really ? You cant even tolerate to be at the same table as me . Immature much ? At least i was gunna sit with you, i coulda sat at a different table completely . !!

Sooo, guys im like totally ready for Christmas . I asked for expensive stuff which i doubt i got .

1. MacBook
2. Beats by Dre Headphones (over ear)
3. Jordan slip-ons
4. Optional (iPad)
5. Optional (iPod touch)
6. Northface Jacket
7. Uggs

Haha, yeah .. i prolly got like none of that .. lol ..well my mom did say shes spent waaay too much money on me and she finished my Christmas shopping back in November ..like at the beginning of it (: lol ..i love what i do ! haha ! (:

So, my life is good ! im happy again, nothings gone wrong . ! (:
im lovin it ! haha

I love yall ! ♥

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