Just My Luck...
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2011-12-13 00:39:13 (UTC)

More has happened.

Well, I have a new teacher. It's an art teacher. She hates me. She judges people just cuz of how they dress or look and she hates my guts and yells at me every day and I've ditched more then once even though this is only the 3rd week I've been in this class and I absolutely hate her too and she just puts me in a horrible mood and she makes me want to kill myself because of how horrible she treats me. Atleast R, my boyfriend, makes up for her poor behavior. I love him so much, and he says he won't have sex with me unless he is certain that I am at ease about it. So he won't pressure me he's just going to leave it and that makes me so happy :)Well, i kinda lied not much has happened :) ok bye!


oh yeah and anyone who has advise for me about my art teacher then message me and thanks :)

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