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2011-12-12 23:34:07 (UTC)

Back Together

So, Aidan and I are back toghether .. ! (: I realized that i need him . He keeps me confident and happy .

So, McKenzie still thinks shes the boss of everyone and shes the coolest person alive . And her and Aidan arent friends and she tried to be all nicey-nice to him after ruining everything and she just lost three friends . Maybe even a few more . But now, shes spreading rumors about what happened and im like really ? Cant you just keep your big mouth SHUT !!!

Anyways, so life is normal again . Now, im not confused or anything . I was a TOTAL mess . haha, but thts all over ! (:

Soo, today during ALEKS (im not in it, i have a different class) But anyways, Max made a Maxican test like a citizenship test because ALEKS was down . So, Abby and Jade took it and they got in trouble . The teacher and the principle were both like 'thanks to you my job is jepordized .' im like really ? thats over-exaggerating just a tad too much . They were like 'you go to lunch while we think of your punishment .' like, there wasn nothing inappropriate in it ! alls it was was 4 questions, scroll down, scroll down, scroll down, keep scrolling for about 31 pages . Then it said, if you scroll down anymore the world will explode..BOOM..the end . &&she printed out all 31 pages of it ! like really . calm yourself .

im just like, good i hope you get fired cuz no one likes you anyways ! (:

Sooo, i have volleyball try-outs tonight aand i really hope i make the A-team . I mean, i dont care if im on the B-team but itd be cool to be on the A-team for once . Soo, wish me luck ! (: *thumbs up*

Anyways, i think imma get offa here .. soo wish me luck with volleyball and ill get on later or tomorrow ! love youu ! ♥

byee, emily ! (: