Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2011-12-12 02:56:46 (UTC)


I being able to wake up at noon and wander over to the cafe and hang out with people I know. I miss going to the bar, which was always half crowed with other people I knew. I miss going to movies and concerts and then to after parties where I'd meet up with people I didn't know and then I would know them, and they would be my friends. I miss the people who used to call for no other reason than to say hello. I miss dancing in the rain with kristen, sarah, lenora, desiree, shyanne, kara and michelle, before things became complicated and when those dancing moments turned to furtive glances and longing kisses. I miss shopping for fun, ratting around the mall with no other reason than to simply while away the afternoon. I miss taking simple joy in a movie instead of going because I'm bored and have no one around to spend the moment with. I miss so many things, I miss my old self, I miss my beloved cats, I miss old friends, I miss, I miss, so much, and I wonder if I am not missing things because I'm doing nothing but waiting for something, although nothing but everything is a miss.