The Laughter Inside My Mind
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2011-12-11 20:45:46 (UTC)

Typical Sunday

Up at 3am can't sleep for shit; so many thoughts running through my head; I don't think my bi polar med is working anymore! I need to get that checked! I was up cleaning the house and doing laundry at 8..vaccum is starting to take a shit on me; why does everything always break down/ run out when you really don't have the money? Just luck i guess!!
I didn't give him my new number YET, i think i want to see if he asks for it!!
I don't know why it matters! I'm so dumb! I won't have to worry about him not answering my texts back or me wanting to call him, I know it's better this way and i know he thinks i will just text him with him, NOPE, not this time..if he wants it he can ask; we shall see!! If he doesn't ask for it, i am hoping i can FINALLY start letting him go!!!
it's my fault i did nothing this year because i couldn't let him go; i just don't get the pain! ugh..enough venting because it's only making it fucking hurt worse....